Best Applications for Hemp-Derived Ingredients in the CBD industry


Over the last several years, CBD or cannabidiol has become the new buzzword, with scores of products being produced every year. Understanding CBD products, however, can be challenging. While most people know that cannabidiol has become popular, they may not know why ingredients are beneficial. While CBD products can be good for you, the ingredient list matters quite a bit.

The products are only effective when the right ingredients are used, so how do hemp-derived products find their use in the CBD industry? Are they truly effective? Sources such as OWPC provide hemp-derived CBD products as they have several benefits.

What Are Hemp-derived Products?

Hemp plants are quite different from marijuana plants. Not only do they look different, with scarce foliage, they also differ in the amount of the cannabinoid THC they contain. US laws mandate that hemp plants can not have more than 0.3% THC, a chemical that has intoxicating properties.

So why are hemp plants grown? Mainly for their seeds and fibers, which are used in various industries, not just CBD. Hence, growing hemp has been legal for quite a while, although it requires some strict regulations. So, you do not have to worry about buying CBD products from sites such as OWPC.

Can Hemp Be Used for Deriving CBD?

Manufacturers can derive CBD from hemp flowers and leaves. Although these plants have low cannabinoid content, they can still be used for CBD products. Whether the CBD is derived from a marijuana plant or a hemp plant, the CBD structure remains the same at the molecular level.

Are Hemp-derived CBD Products Useful?

Hemp-derived CBD products differ little from marijuana-derived CBD. Sometimes, more hemp may be required to extract adequate CBD. But, with improvements in cultivation techniques, this can change soon.

Hemp-derived CBD is great for those looking for products free of any traces of terpenes, THC, or flavonoids. Marijuana plants have a complex terpene profile in their CBD extracts. While this can be good for some people, others may want to use a purely CBD-based product.

Which Product Can You Choose?

Legally, you can purchase hemp-derived CBD products across all fifty states in the US. Thanks to the 2018 US Farm Bill, hemp was removed from the list of controlled substances, making it more accessible to people. Currently, sixteen states have legalized the use of marijuana and products derived from this plant, but it is still illegal in many states in the US.

Hence, for most people, the choice depends on the legality of the substance. For those who would prefer to use isolated CBD products, hemp-derived CBD is easily accessible and useful. Many are allergic or do not react well to the other substances present in CBD products derived from Marijuana plants, making hemp an excellent choice for them.

Ensure that you buy hemp-derived CBD only from trusted sources. Unfortunately, contaminated or low-quality products run rampant in the market, which does not provide the incredible benefits of CBD. It is vital to read reviews and verify the source of the CBD product before you purchase them.

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