Having a driving license is crucial for anyone`s independence. Georgia driver’s course is sanctioned by the DDS and helps you learn fast and conveniently. You can take the course online, at any time of the day that you are comfortable with.

Why Online

  1. Cost friendly– It is a cheaper and affordable option than classroom courses
  2. 24/7 Availability– the customer care service is available at any time of the day or night
  3. Self-paced learning– you learn according to the hours convenient for you. Besides, it saves your progress.
  4. Flexible schedule– You take the lessons whenever you are available

About Georgia Drivers Ed

It is a driver course which you can take online or physically in class. You will take class lessons and practice. In order to get a Class D license, you must complete the course. Failure to take this course means you have to wait a year long to get a provisional drivers license.


  • You must be above 15 years
  • Must complete at least 30 hours class study
  • Finish 6hours at least practice driving

When to take the Georgia Driver`s Ed

You have to be older than 15 and have to excel in a written test. After obtaining your learner`s permit, you can enroll. For your practice to be valid, you need to train with a driver who has a license and is above 21 years.

Are you a new resident in Georgia?

You will not be required to redo the test if you did it in a different state. However, your driving course has to be GA DDS approved. Of course, you will need to have proof for successful completion of the course.

In case an individual is a military dependant and is older than 16, there may be requirements, which you can inquire by calling the DDS office.

How long does the course take?

Georgia Driver’s Ed course curriculum is divided in two. There is an instruction phase which is theory, and a practical phase. For successful completion, you must complete at least 30 hours of theory study and 6 hours of practice. The curriculum is inclusive of courses such as hazard prevention methods, vehicle safety and Georgia traffic laws, as well as road rules.

Types of available courses

There are various locations, time and day’s that Georgia Drivers Ed offers. They offer the courses in private driving schools, at a high school or college and online. There are different charges for different locations you choose to undertake the lessons. Note that there are no tax credits for courses which one completes’ online or in high school.

What happens on completion of the Georgia Drivers Ed course?

On completing the course, you may opt to apply for an intermediate driver’s license. To get the license you have to be;

  • More than 16 years
  • Must have owned the GA learners permit for at least an year
  • Complete 40 hours of practice driving under supervision by a driver above 21 years who is licensed
  • Finish ADAP- Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program
  • Excel in both a road skills test and a vision exam