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  Best Routine for Bachelors to Maintain a House That Looks Good



We realize what it takes to maintain a fully functional house only when we leave the house of our guardians to begin a new life. It takes effort to rent and maintain an apartment of your own, especially if you’re a working professional.

Much about house maintenance isn’t realized while living in hostels either. In our hostels, we have ‘the chair’ which bears the burden of carrying our clothes. In a functional house of an adult, you may actually have a wardrobe which holds the clothes; not the chair.

Now, how do you transform your life so that the clothes aren’t lying on the chair all year round? What does it take to live in your own space that remains clean and fully functional? Let’s take a look.

1.Rent a furnished apartment instead of an empty one

Gone are the days when we had to run after real estate agents or brokers to find us a room that doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. As bachelors, we can’t afford to burn our entire salary on buying furnishings, especially for a room that may not be ours for a long period of time.

In this modern day, rental solution providers rent out fully furnished apartments at an affordable price, all over India. Companies like NestAway.com maintain the furnishings and appliances, all inclusive of the monthly rent. Plus, they charge only two-month deposit.

Why would you want to run around brokers who’d show you ridiculous rooms for exorbitant prices, who demand one month’s rent as their commission.

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  1. Set aside a weekly schedule

We may not realize this until our stained mirrors deform the way our face looks but, we need to clean everything in the house at regular intervals before things start getting shabby. Set aside particular days of the week for cleaning different parts of the house. For example, Mondays can be reserved to clean the cupboard, Tuesdays for the kitchen, Wednesdays for the bedsheets, so on and so forth.

Keep a strict schedule and stick to it. This routine is not only keeps the house clean, but also disciplines you to stick to your schedule. Print out your schedule and put it on the bathroom door. It’s the first thing you’ll see every day.

  1. Clear the clutter

It’s very tempting to buy new things that we think would look good in our house or may come handy someday. Well, give it a second thought before buying them the next time. Is it really necessary to buy it?

We tend to clutter our house, rather unknowingly buy buying or stocking things that we don’t really need. The key to having a clean house is keeping it minimalistic. Minimal decor is soothing to the eye thus, giving the house a cleaner and a posh look.

  1. Invest in room fresheners

Alongwith making the house look clean, it needs to feel fresh and comfortable. Use comforting fragrances in different parts of your house to not only keep away the stench, but also to make it feel cosier.

If you don’t like using aerosol based room fresheners, try using aroma oils in oil dispensers that are easily available in the supermarkets. Use natural oils like Eucalyptus or Lavender that disinfect the house, keep away insects or mosquitoes and leaves your room with a soothing smell.

It is very important that you rent shared rooms or fully furnished apartments for a much hassle free experience. There’s already so much to do, why take the burden of buying and maintaining the furnishings?

You could hire househelp if you don’t have the time to perform these activities but, there’s no one else who would maintain your house the way you like it. Hence, it’s better you spend a few minutes every day for a peaceful living in your own space.


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