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Torrent sites have been coming and going over the years. In this article, you will know the ones that are mostly used in the current landscape.

UTorrent and the pirate bay remain undisputed contenders in the space. These sites have weathered several storms over the years, but it seems like they will be celebrating their anniversaries, which are on the way coming.

The list of the best torrent sites has several newcomers like Zooqle and Idope. While a lot of individuals are happy to see these sites come up, it often means that others are calling it quits.


You can confidently say that the pirate bay is a king in this space and also the oldest in the list. The last year has relatively been quiet for this notorious site, which is operating from the original .org domain.


This site, which started as the Bulgarian tracker, captured the minds and hearts of a lot of video pirates. It came into being in 2008 and specializes in quality video releases.


It continues to serve from where it left the previous year. It continues to gain more traffic as compared to other sites in the list. It possesses a dedicated uploaders group that provides fresh content.


This torrent came in to replace the original Torrent.eu site that closed doors voluntarily in 2016. This torrent only lists hashes of torrents and not links to external sites. While plugins and add-ons make the site functional, it has an uncertain future.


This torrent is an unofficial successor of the YIFY or YTS defunct group. Not all other sites became happy when this site hijacked the populous brand and a few are banning its releases actively.


This site has been in the business for quite some time. Just like other sites, it is blocked actively by many internet service providers in several countries. It offers a no-nonsense index which avails torrents to a lot of users every month.


This site regained its spot among the best torrents in this year’s survey. The operator of this site launched the iTorrents cache that is used by torrent search engines.


This torrent is the populous resurrection of the NYAA, the anime torrent site that was recently shut down. All anime-oriented sites were previously left from the list but since there is an inclusion of dedicated movie and TV sites, it is right to mention this site.


This site is among the chosen few that enjoyed a rise in traffic over the last year. It is a meta-search engine which links to magnet links and torrents from other torrent sites.


This site, which boasts of about three million torrents that are verified, has been under the radar for many years. Its growth has continued to be in the competition space. It made it to being among the top in the list for top torrent sites.


This site deserves a mention. It came into being in the year 2016. It is quite a new comer in the scene of torrents. The indexer of this torrent has increased steadily in audience for the last year. With similar numbers in traffic to Zooqle, its listing is warranted.

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