Trying to get your business recognised in the very competitive online world can be a challenging task without the right knowledge and experience. Many businesses rely upon a SEO company to ensure that they are getting the online results that they need.

A good search engine marketing firm understands the functionality of the internet and how algorithms work. Your website’s success ultimately comes down to two factors; getting relevant traffic and ensuring that traffic turns into sales. Third party companies specialise in the methods required to obtain this traffic and how to increase your conversion rate.

But with so many different options, what makes a good Sydney SEO company? With so many services out there it can be overwhelming to understand which one is right for you. When looking for a third party to take care of your SEO services make sure that they display these traits.


The influx in popularity for search engine optimisation gave birth to black hat companies that promise quick results at low prices. The techniques that they use (examples include invisible text, doorway pages and spam) may offer a temporary boost but in the end you will be penalised for being unethical. Knowing how a company achieves their results and making sure that their practices are ethical can save you a lot of time and money when trying to conquer SEO.


A lot of businesses are given false promises when trying to achieve higher rankings for their website. No one has the access or authority to promise you the first ranking on Google. Even if they say they have an inside contact it’s an outright lie as no one can manually alter the rankings. Have a talk with your potential firms and ask questions to see if they are honest about their procedures.


While a SEO company can’t guarantee results, an effective firm can come close. Firms will have past clients and then most likely a portfolio of their success. It’s normal to ask to have a look and ask what kind of results that their services yielded. If possible look through the portfolios and see if you can find a business that is similar to your own. That way you are able to see where the strengths and down falls were coming from so that you can make necessary adjustments.


The best type of SEO companies understands that the services aren’t a one size fits all type of deal. Each campaign must be unique and tailored to fit current trends and match the client. All clients aren’t the same either so extensive research must be done prior to the commencement of any campaigns. Being able to adapt methods and the ability to interchange different approaches separates good firms from great.

With that in mind it is important that any third party service that you are dealing with hears your input and is able to put it into consideration. If you find that the business doesn’t listen to you at all, they could be doing unethical practices that could potentially harm your business. Flexibility is important as it takes into consideration your opinion on the matter and taking time to explain procedures to you should be a priority.

With so many options for SEO out there it can be overwhelming when trying to choose a company to take care of all your needs. If you’re tossing and turning about several potential candidates run through this list to see if they show any but most importantly all of these traits.

At the end of the day SEO companies are there to help you and should put their clients as their highest priority.