Breath-taking falls and evergreen forests- Driving to Hebri Udupi in the monsoons


Located at the base of the magnificent Western Ghats lies the tiny village of Hebri, barely 35 kilometres away from Udupi. The flowing water of River Seetha brings a unique serenity to the place while the nearby Agumbe Ghats further add to its attraction. People who love to experience the outdoors during monsoon in a rugged way, prefer to use a self-drive vehicle and explore the breath-taking sights that Hebri has to offer. As the refreshing rains pour from the sky, the entire village becomes a stunning visual no nature lover can afford to miss out.

Experience the magic of Mother Nature

Hebri is about 375 kilometres from the Garden City of Bangalore and is a peaceful village with numerous paddy fields, cashew plantations and dense forests. If one doesn’t want to travel in crowded state transport and depend on unreliable time schedules, then the self-drive option can be explored. By doing so, one can travel without having to compromise on where and when to start or stop. The freedom and safety the self-drive option offers are certainly welcome, and those who do not own a vehicle can rent a self drive car and satisfy travel pangs in comfort.

Car rentals for Modern travellers

Service levels have certainly risen, especially with the presence of organisations like Zoomcar who are leaders in self drive car rentals in Bangalore. Customers can now choose a suitable vehicle from the vast choice they offer, which include spacious and sturdy SUVs, compact hatchbacks for cosy couples and plush sedans for that perfect road trip. One can rely on consistent service and place implicit trust in the flexible plans they offer. Besides, they guarantee complete peace of mind since a 24 x 7 road assistance is a part of the entire deal. Such car rentals ensure that even if one does not own a vehicle, it is still possible to enjoy the lovely monsoon in Hebri’s splendid landscape in a self-drive car.

What should one look forward to?

Hebri has numerous cashew plantations, coconut and arecanut fields and unending vistas of greenery spread across, but there is more one can explore while on a self-drive trip here. Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple, an age-old temple with a black granite sculpture of the Lord and the nearby Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary are a few other places one can visit while travelling to Hebri.

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