No doubt the bridesmaid dresses are looked by all and they are focal but there are situations when people get confused by the bridesmaid. This happens because they try to match the bridal dress and this creates problem. There are burgundy bridesmaid dresses that look exactly like the bridal gowns and this must be avoided.

This happened years ago when the bridesmaid were dressed similar to the bride for confusing the negative spirits but these things are over. There are many tips that are available over the internet and in magazines as well. These tips help in preventing the situations which are chaotic.

These points actually help the bride to manage everything effectively and the bridesmaid also gets the chance to look awesome on the most precious moment of her friend’s life.

Settings associated with wedding-

No wedding can get completed without perfect setting and theme. Even a simple pool party requires a theme then how it can be missed in wedding. However, there are segments in weddings as well because there are sophisticated weddings, formal weddings, destination weddings and others.

If the wedding type is somewhat sophisticated then suggest the bridesmaid to go with gown or silver mother of the bride dresses that are similar to gowns. Formal weddings can also be attended with gowns. However, on beach weddings loose fittings and florals are in. Even a lace dress will work in this case.

Add some individuality-

This is a good idea because adding individuality will allow the bridesmaid to flaunt the style. But before this it is important to select the style and the style must suit the body. For example, if the bridesmaid is forced to wear a dress that is fit on her body and her figure is bumpy then it is most disgusting situation ever. So always try to escape from these situations and if required then talk with the bride.

Contrasting colors are good-

Bridesmaid dress and colors have great relation because this dress must be accurate and it must have some contrast with the theme as well. Apart from this, fabric is also necessary and if required the try to keep the dress in single fabric.

Keep distance from the shiny fabrics and black dress which has velvet fabric. Rather than this there are many colors like metallic, brown, charcoal grey and others that can provide a great look.

Overall look and design matters-

There is enough time in which the bridesmaid or bride can get the dress ready and it is suggested to try it once so that the accessories can be decided for the dress. After getting the accessories retry the dress because it will provide an overall look idea and if there are some modification then they can be made easily.