Neon signs are the items that everyone loves to see. The neon signs is a gas discharge lamp. They glow when the electric current travels through ionized gas. The gas ionizes when the voltage of the current between the electrodes exceeds the threshold limit. The process that generates light is when the ions return to the ground energy state and emit a photon of light. The color of the light depends on the emission of the atoms in the gas and the gas pressure. Neon lamps are low-pressure lamps; hence, they use noble gases. High-intensity lamps are also available in the market. But, it cannot match the creativity and attractiveness of the neon lamps. Refer this site for detailed information on neon lamps.

Uses of neon lamps

  • Neon signs are mostly used in bars. They are the best medium to attract customers, and hence, bars use neon signs. Another feature of neon signs that make them first choice for bars is that they shine bright during night time. And as bars run mostly till late night, they attract more customers.
  • Neon signs are used by business houses for decades in order to promote the business and market their products. Bakery, restaurants, café are some places that use neon lights for their business. You can get neon lamps for business with different themes and colors.
  • Custom signs are the best means to meet your professional as well as personal needs. You can build your neon signs in the shapes and sizes that you prefer. You can select your size, font, style, borders, etc. of your choice.

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Advantages of using neon lamps

  • Energy efficient: As neon, lamps are created with the combination of neon and light, they use very less energy when compared with another fluorescent lamp. It can save up to 50 to 60% of energy.
  • Attract customers: It the best way to catch the attention of the customers. Many business houses use them for promoting their products. Humans get attracted to things that can catch their attention at first look.
  • Easy to setup: Neon signs are easy to set up and can easily be placed in any place that seems perfect to you. You do not need to have a special place for placing them.