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Built-in grill: charcoal or gas?


When you think of purchasing a built-in grill you need to choose between a charcoal and a gas grill. Many people agree that when they cook food on charcoal the food tastes better but this kind of cooking is more time-consuming compared to grilling using a gas grill. If you think of doing plenty of grilling for the weekend night then gas grill is a better option because it is more time efficient.

Things to look out for

Selecting the best built-in gas grills is simple if you know what the things you are looking for. There are certain basic qualities that any built-in gas grill must have. A grill has some hot areas while some cool areas can make cooking quite difficult. Even heat distribution is important because the food can be cooked evenly. You can use a grill similar to an oven. When you shop for the grills that have high-quality tube burners, then you must look for an insulated hood that preserves heat and circulates air efficiently, and a cooking grate which transfers heat very well. All these elements help in eliminating hot spots and they provide cooking temperature reliably. These grills are an investment.

A quality built-in gas grill must remain for a long time. It means that the grills should be produced from corrosion-resistant and heavy-gauge materials such as stainless steel. The gas grills that have good construction retain heat much better andt offers cooking at even temperature and also in cold weather. The fittings and plumbing should be secure so that you can use the grills without the fear of gas leak and flare-up. The electric starters should be reliable. Starting a gas grill manually using a lighter is a danger as well as inconvenient. Before buying them, you can also read the built in grills reviews that can provide you with important decisions regarding them.

Number of burners

You should use the gas grills that have three or more than three burners. This is so because you cannot achieve equal heat distribution if you have lesser than three burners. Moreover, indirect grilling needs minimum three burners. Indirect grilling is great for cooking food. The number of burners and size of grill go together. If you need a large gas grill more than 36 inches then you will need 4 burners. The highest quality grills possess brass burners or cast stainless steel. According to the built-in grills reviews, avoid using cast iron burners as they can be corroded easily.

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