Business Website Design Tips For The Novice


If you’re new to web design, prepare yourself for loads of information as you research what works best.  The overload of information can often be overwhelming to novice designers. It’s easier to break the information down into easy to digest, pinpointed topics.  

Takea few moments now to begin your journey to web design guru, and check out a brief overview of some important design aspects for success with your better business website.  Consider how you might better present your organization’s inforamation for web users.

Create simple navigation options

Every website needs a method of movement, so visitors are able to explore the content you present.  Traditionally, a stationary (or floating) navigation bar is best to serve the purpose of movement for web users on your site.  

Floating navigation makes it to where the same line of options is always available.  Users can always find their way “home” with a stationary navigation design like this screen printing website shows.  

Creativity is welcomed in any aspect of design, but simplicity is vital in terms of navigation.  Web users won’t stick around to try and figure out how to use your site.

Communication is priority in design

Communication is a priority in business and in website design.  You want to know where you stand with consumers, so it’s important to create ways for people to share their thoughts/opinions regarding your organization’s products/services.  

In addition to the standard “Contact Us” page, present visitors with other opportunities to communicate with your business.  Add a phone number to your homepage or a compact contact form for users to share their information.  

Work social media icons into your content

Social media is a highly trafficked area of the internet, and you want your business website to be tethered to its publicity.  Add social media sharing icons to your design in strategic locations, so visitors can easily share content that interests them.  Every social media share equals a free piece of marketing for your business.

Build your website for mobile users

Mobile access to the internet is more widespread than that of the standard PC or laptop.  People use their mobile devices to crawl around the internet more often these days than any other platform, so it makes sense to optimize your digital content for the best possible mobile viewing experience.  

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to creating more effective digital content for your business.  Once you fully understand and are well-versed in the concepts of SEO, you can create content that ranks higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  

Ranking higher in the SERPs means that more web users will see your content, and more web users will have the chance to explore what your business has to offer.  

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