Buy Cannabutter and Find Out Why Alternative Medicine Is Better Ingested than Smoked


Most people who use medicinal marijuana smoke it. However, there are ways to access the benefits of cannabinoids in much healthier ways, one of which is through ingestion. There are numerous ways in which you can do this, and once you buy cannabutter you may just find yourself amazed at its benefits.

Smoking and Ingesting

When you smoke marijuana, various carcinogenic materials, as well as tar, can enter your respiratory system. Furthermore, it is known that when THC and cannabinoids are exposed to high temperatures, they become less effective because they decompose. When you ingest, however, a far stronger concentration of the active ingredients will enter your body. Hence, it is far healthier to ingest marijuana and the benefits are much stronger. However, you will require a lot more of it as well, which means it is the more expensive option. That said, products such as cannabutter are infused with marijuana, which means it is much stronger.

What About Vaporization?

It is now also possible to purchase and use cannabis vaporizers. Here, vaporization pipes and flame filters are combined to heat the marijuana. It then releases the active ingredient but, instead of it burning up as it would when smoked, it is evaporated. If the vaporizer is designed properly, it means that fewer carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals are released. Hence, it does provide an alternative to smoking. Overall, however, ingesting is the superior option, not in the least because truly high quality vaporizers are incredibly expensive.

How to Ingest Marijuana

There are a number of different ways in which marijuana can be ingested, although it usually means it has to be mixed with either a liquid or a solid base. Fibers of the plant and THC from the bud can both be digested. However, unless bound to fatty acids or alcohol, they won’t release. Hence, you can mix it with lemonade, grain alcohol, ethyl alcohol, soda, or water. Cannabis tea, in which marijuana is brewed together with tea leaves works, but it has some psychoactive properties. Additionally, the lipophilic nature of THC is low because of its water solubility. Hence, marijuana tea is not very effective.

Solid bases, like cannabutter, are far better. Indeed, marijuana can be added to any fat, including lard, oil, and butter. Hence, marijuana can be ingested through baked products like pancakes, cookies, brownies, and hashed brown potatoes to name but a few. The “space cake” as it is known, is a perfect example of this.

Cannabutter, however, is not designed for its enjoyment of the psychoactive properties of cannabis. It is designed because it provides people with a wealth of health benefits. It has now been scientifically proven that marijuana has strong healing properties and by ingesting it through butter, those properties become even stronger. When purchasing cannabutter, you will be presented with a wealth of different recipes to try, so that you can have a lot of variation in your overall diet.

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