Buy or Beware? 6 Tips for Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment


In an ideal world, every clinic and hospital would be able to buy brand new medical equipment. After all, it’s high-quality, comes with manufacturer support, and hasn’t been used before.

However, with budget constraints limiting how much you can spend on life-saving supplies, you may decide that refurbished medical equipment is your only option. In that case, it can be worth knowing what to look for to ensure you get a genuinely good deal. Consider the following information:

The Company’s Reputation

Even though there may be dozens of medical equipment suppliers in your area, not all of them will be suitable for your needs. Purchasing refurbished equipment requires you to take a different approach to your line of questioning before you sign on the dotted line.

Find out their experience level with refurbishment, what the refurbishment process actually involves, and why that equipment you plan on purchasing was refurbished in the first place. It also doesn’t hurt to ask around to learn experiences people have had with used equipment from those suppliers.

Testimonials or References

Both refurbished and new medical equipment can be a significant investment. While the supplier’s website might look trustworthy, you don’t have to take it or their word at face value. If you want to have complete confidence in your purchase, ask your chosen medical equipment supplier for referees or testimonials.

Find out if they sell to other medical facilities near you, and ask for permission to contact them. The more you know about the company and the equipment, the more you can trust that it’s a sound purchasing decision.

Warranties and Guarantees

Some of the many benefits of purchasing new equipment include a sound warranty and backup support. If something goes wrong with new equipment, the manufacturer is often amiable about replacements and repairs.

The situation can sometimes look a little different with refurbished equipment. While you will likely receive a warranty with your renewed medical equipment, you may not receive the same coverage.

Pay attention to the fine print relating to the length of time you will receive support and what is or isn’t covered under that warranty.

Service Coverage

Service Coverage refers to the costs associated with servicing any refurbished or new medical equipment. This document can shine a light on whether it’s in your best interests to buy new or used equipment. It should outline periodic inspections within its warranty period, essential repairs, and the likely costs you will encounter once the warranty period ends. Sometimes, the money you save ends up being lost in the costs of maintaining the equipment out of your own pocket once the warranty is up.


All medical equipment businesses in the United States must have FDA registration and an ISO certification. If they don’t, they are not legally able to market or sell medical equipment, refurbished or otherwise. If you are unsure about a company’s legitimacy, ask them for this information.


Given the volume of similar-looking refurbished medical products on the market, you don’t always know that what you see online is what you will get. A machine that looks in brand-new condition with an unbeatable price may actually be a placeholder photo showing what that machine looks like new.

When you make inquiries, request images of the specific products or machines to avoid any surprises when your equipment arrives.

New medical equipment is the first choice of most clinics and hospitals. However, not everyone’s budget stretches this far. Until it does, follow the tips above so that any refurbished equipment you purchase is fit for purpose.


Mia Johnson
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