Buying a Cheap Guitar – Is it Worth It?


Are you on a tight budget? You will agree with me that buying high-quality products can be very challenging. Well, guitars can completely redefine that phenomenon. People have different taste and preferences when it comes to guitars. For some, a playable and good sounding guitar is all they would wish for. For others, an attractive guitar would take their ego to another league. Don’t you think you could actually get all you need in a cheap guitar?

Some less attractive guitars sound good

Besides visual appeal, aesthetics goes no further to impact on the sound properties of a guitar. Therefore, you should not always focus on the looks of a guitar so much. You can actually get a very playable and good-sounding guitar that has a simple look. You will be amazed at how much more you can pay for a guitar just because of their looks. A cheap acoustic guitar might lack inlays or abalone all over it. However, they can be very playable and good sounding I tell you.


Some cheaper tonewoods sound great

Tonewoods impact the sound of a guitar greatly.  Different tonewoods are always used on the top, back and sides to shape the sound of the guitar. You should not always go for the cheapest wood you can get.  However, your choice should always be guided by the sole reason you need the guitar for. You should consider cheaper softwoods like cedar and spruce for your tops because they resonate well. Moreover, they will give you more clear and articulated sounds and base. Similarly, you should consider cheaper hardwoods for the sides like Maple. There are indeed guitars that are made of cheap tonewood that are good sounding.

Less money is spent on unnecessary accessories

Cheaper guitars come with few accessories. At a glance, you might think that is a very bad thing. However, come to think of it, some accessories are even non-essential. You will be amazed at how rarely you use some accessories. Some guitars even come with accessories you might never need. For instance, using a minicamps, a string winder, and a keychain to build up calluses anywhere. What are you your fingers for? If you are not performing for a crowd, you do not need very high-quality guitar straps. You can get a cheap guitar with fewer accessories but very playable.

Cheaper guitars can be tweaked to look newer and sound better

Cheaper guitars wear out fast. However, did you know that you could tweak a guitar to make it look newer again? You can do that by adjusting the relief in the neck. Nevertheless, you can reduce the string height at the saddle and neck. You can upgrade the nut and saddle material to bone and ivory. Moreover, you can as well buy a cheaper guitar without preinstalled electronics and install later in case need be.

Final verdict

Cheap guitars are worth buying because they can actually offer you all you need in a guitar. You can actually, find a bad-looking guitar, made from cheap quality woods that sounds so good. Moreover, you will not have to spend more on non-essential features and accessories. Most importantly, you can always tweak your guitar to pump more life into it. However, this would be after a long period of service when the guitar begins to wear out.

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