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Buying a transaction does not have an instant effect like a roulette, but has almost 100% potential income. The fact is that buying operations will bring you a lot of skins from the Skinmarket . Usually, when you buy a transaction, from 60 games you will get about 60 skins. If you are lucky enough, then the number of skins you receive will be somewhat rather rare, which cannot but bring good money. At least 99% of your expenses will be recouped, but if you put your head and cunning, then your earnings will be 10 times higher than your costs, and sometimes even more.

The conversation is that you will need to wait a little bit with the sale of skins you have won. The fact is that the valve often underestimates the price of the winning skins for the duration of the operation and after it; the prices for these skins grow 3-5 times. This means that you can not only earn on the skins you won, but also on the purchased ones. You can simply look for the same skins that you won and redeem them while they have a low price. At the end of the operation, you will get much more than you could earn from the operation simply.

Skinmarket betting

Recently, roulettes and other services for bets in the CS GO have become very popular, and the number of these roulettes is growing rapidly. This is because it is one of the fastest ways to make money, but not everyone understands that it is also one of the fastest ways to lose money. The fact is that such systems are not very different from ordinary casinos, bookmakers and other gambling nonsense. The only difference is that in our case, you can use not only money, but also skins. To start playing with Skinmarket, you need to adhere to some rules that may not give you absolute confidence that you can always win, but at least significantly increase your chances:

  • Honesty Skinmarket  – the basis, because it is extremely important to collect feedback on the site on which you are going to play
  • Always play on a certain system, without giving in to the excitement
  • Determine the maximum daily limit and never go beyond it.
  • Do not play on rare and valuable CS: GO skins.

Perhaps some will be surprised by the last rule, because putting big bets is growing and the potential gain. Nevertheless, in reality, everything is far from being the case and you have great chances to simply lose all your money. Even the most proven roulettes, which have never been convicted of fraud, the probability of winning with high stakes is too small. If you decide to play high, then not a bad way out will be bet on cases, if you do not need them and you do not have the desire to open them. Also, do not forget that in any case you will have to turn to sales of skins that you will win.

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