With the advancement in ideas and disbeliefs, people across the world are heading towards fame and money. Not only this, women are not being exceptional, everyone is chasing for being established in life and becoming successful for the sake of their own identity. But there is always a huge opposition towards great achievements. Likewise in the field of discrimination and harassment, California has also merged in the race to fight for the rights of the employees and their unemployment.


  1. Jacob N. Whitehead is the discoverer of the team, whose main target is to fight for unemployment policy that has become famous in a renowned country like California. The main target is to provide a job for the educated, qualified, and deserving employers all over California, without any discrimination in caste, religion, class, gender, age, etc. California Employment Discrimination Lawyer put forward his main focus for serving the major unemployment grounds for wrongful termination, unpaid overtime violations, disability discrimination, medical issues like maternity leave, sexual harassment, long work hours violating rest or meal break, reimbursements, etc. 

They take good care of their workers and offer a friendly atmosphere for all without any discrimination. They protect the employees with high security and total safety. Giving unnecessary huge work pressure and boredom with unpaid overtime is against the ideology of the company. They look after all its workers’ needs and consider them on their respective grounds of causes. It provides work from home as well as offline mode of duties as per the choice of its workers. 

  1. Whitehead being experienced in single-plaintiff employment-related cases as well as class actions and PAGA representative actions helped him to find an easy solution for the unemployed workers and solve their problems with great attention. 


Over the years of well-developed experience and devoted trustworthy service, Whitehead Employment Law has earned immense response and support of workers through trial, arbitration, and settlement. While seeking legal assistance, it offers more encouraging manageable situations. 

It represents its workers with a professional and courteous attitude and protects them from suffering from a lack of work knowledge and experience. It just takes a step of sending the character information via email and the workers get their preferable job options. California Employment Discrimination Lawyer takes further steps to take the help of the government laws and head toward court with such activated cases which cannot be solved with easy settlement and need proper action of law

What would your Employment Attorney do for you? 

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