Can I Buy Used Baby Stuff Online?


Having a baby is exciting, but it can also be expensive. That is why any couple that decides to have a baby ensures first that they have enough money to support the new lifestyle. It is not uncommon for mothers to save on some of the baby stuff they can buy. There are online baby stores USA where they can acquire new stuff, but there are also places where they can buy pre-loved items.

However, where should you draw the line? Which baby things are acceptable to be bought as pre-loved items?

Buying Pre-loved Baby Stuff 

Plenty of families tend to sell the things that their babies have outgrown – most especially, clothes. These are cheaper than what you typically buy from stores. Sometimes, these clothes are exactly what you have been searching for

Buying pre-loved stuff for your baby is fine. It does not mean that you do not care enough for your baby. In actuality, it means that you care more about your child, as you are trying to save so that he or she can be comfortable even as a baby.

There are certain things that should not be bought from pre-loved stores. The reason why you should not buy certain things from pre-loved stores is that some items do not last forever. They may look good on pictures or even for a few days after you buy them. But these items can fall apart when you least expect it and become a threat to your baby’s safety.

 What Not to Buy as Pre-loved Item

There are several baby items that you should buy only as brand new ones from either physical stores or online baby stores USA. 

 Baby Car Seats or Carriers

Baby car seats are essential if you often travel with your baby. It protects your baby while traveling. And that is one of the main reasons why you should get it brand new. You can use most of these baby car seats and carriers only for around six to nine years after manufacture. Which means, if you buy a secondhand one, it may not work as well as it did when it was new.

Baby Cribs

Cribs are not cheap, and that is why it is tempting to buy a secondhand one from online stores. However, you are also putting your baby in danger when you do that, especially when the design is older and might be banned. One example is those cribs that have drop-down sides. There have been several reports of baby injuries caused by these cribs.

What you see in the market today have passed modern and more stringent testing procedures than earlier. So, your baby is safer when you get a brand new one.


Baby Toys

It might seem safe and a good idea to get secondhand baby toys. However, you cannot guarantee what germs or harmful substances are there in those toys. And you never know if the previous owners have cleaned them.

There could be lead in the paint, as you are not sure where they have bought the toy in the first place. Older toys may also have some substances that are banned from being used in baby toys.

Buying secondhand baby items might help you save, but it might put your baby’s health and safety at risk. Instead, learn about which items you must buy brand new and which ones you can buy as pre-loved ones.


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