Careful And Continuous Effort Must Be Given To Manage Tech Debt


Managing tech debt is not a onetime affair. It is in fact a continual process which must be done after careful consideration of several factors and situations. You should also weigh the pros and cons of the code in question and consider its effect on the business in the long run to determine whether or not to rework on it. In software development and programming business tech debt is a common feature and therefore it pays if you are vigilant and diligent towards it. If left unattended such codes can affect the performance and functionality of the code and jeopardize even the existence of the company on the whole.

Check On Time

Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a check on tech debt on time if you want to stay in the business in the long run. You must keep a track on such debts, their arte of interest and pay them off accordingly. You must find out how much tech debt a particular code has accumulated and also ascertain the perfect time for addressing it through proper and effective refactoring. You do not know when tech debt will start to accumulate and therefore make testing of the code a regular process and practice. By focusing on the critical modules of the code you will be able to know when it is needed to rework or refactor a code.

Reasons OfAccumulation

Tech debts in a code can accumulate for several reasons which creep into a code silently and stars doing it work affecting the functionality and performance in a negative manner. Maybe all the aspects of proper and ethical designing were not followed or it may have been designed by a set of ignorant people who do not know the requisites of a good code design. Another reason for such debt is the constant pressure from the product owner and the stakeholders to make an early release at the cost of fast and improper design. This could have resulted in taking shortcuts and foregoing essential processes like testing a code before release.

Use Automate Checking Tools

To keep a constant and proper check on the code it is a good practice to use one or more of the available automated testing tools for the codes to find any existing bug or debt in it. There are several such tools available for free and you can click herefor more information. This will reduce accumulation and formation of tech debt. Testing and re-running codes will also help you to identify defects and address it at an early stage so that accumulation of debt can be prevented.

Have A Plan Ready

You should have a plan of action ready at all times so that tech debts do not reach unmanageable proportions.This will also ensure that your team have proper attitude towards tech debt and treat them accordingly as and when required. Knowing the proper annotations, design and testing techniques and tools will help you to train and be updated with your team and help in easy and effective communication.

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