When the winter strikes, there are different things one would need to be worried about. It can be the cold, chilly weather or it can be the lack of sun rays, or it can talk about how to protect the roofs of our houses from damaging. Now, the formation of ice dams in winters after a snowfall is very common, and one would have dangerous issues if they are not fixed. In this article we will discuss what the different causes of these ice dams are and how they can be resolved faster:

  • If you live in a region where the cold is on the higher side along with occasional snowfalls, then you should know that the constant snow would damage your roof. These frozen bits would raise the roof’s temperature once they are deposited and thus cause issues with the temperature inside.
  • The frozen snow would also melt and then the water can stay up on the roof inside the shingles and create rust or damage on them. This is a hazard that can be detected by the roofing companies around you like roofing contractors downriver Michigan, e., from your area.

Roof Leaks: Now these ice dams can also cause major roof leaks that we mentioned above since the water that has already melted won’t freeze again. Now, again another layer of ice would be formed beside the water making the water stay in its place. This would clog the whole place and thus the shingles would be under water after a point of time. No matter how strong your roof’s shingles are, they will be damaged eventually with such heavy stock of water.

Prevention of these Ice Dams:

There are some steps you need to follow if you want to prevent these ice dams from damaging your whole roof in a matter of time:

  • You have to first inspect the whole roof from the outside as well as the inside and check whether there are any issues with it. If you cannot do it properly, then you have to hire people who can do the same.
  • After the inspection is complete, you must check the ventilation system in your house to ensure they are in the correct place. If they are not then you will have to fix them immediately.
  • The ventilation system along with the insulation would ensure that the seepage and water clogging is fixed to the roof. You will also have to install a new and proper roof if the roof is damaged.

Please ensure that you speak in detail with the roofing contractors to make them understand the problem. Fixing your roof before the bad weather hits would be a better choice.