One of the most successful co-working space and collaboration companies in China is rapidly expanding throughout Singapore, and are now poised to open up their second major Singapore location in the first half of next year.

Co-working and collaboration has become a big driver in the “New Economy”. Tech companies, startups, entrepreneurs, advertisers, and marketers have all started to reject the traditional office space – filled with soulless cubicles and too much rigid work compartments – and instead are starting to really embrace everything that co-working space and collaboration space has to offer.

The Chinese have been taking advantage of co-working and collaborating space for quite a while now, and have really helped to pioneer this approach to business. Technology companies in the United States have been modeling their approach for years, enjoying a considerable amount of success – so much so that companies like Google have been offering co-working space as well.

UrWork is the name of the Chinese co-working space company that is rapidly expanding throughout Singapore, backed by Alibaba and a handful of other major financial institutions (including Sequoia Capital). Numerous branches of this co-working platform are already throughout China, have been established in Southeast Asia, and are expanding into places like Australia, India, and the like – but Singapore has really started to embrace everything that this particular company has to offer.

Singapore already has a major co-working site in this hub of commerce, and the new site is expected to provide co-working space for more than 100 different operations or entrepreneurs that are looking to take advantage of all the leverage that this approach to office space brings to the table.

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Separating itself from the rest of the co-working operations in the industry today, UrWork has worked to provide key services designed to facilitate the rapid growth and expansion of the startup community in general. Startup businesses are an entirely different animal than more traditional operations, and the folks at UrWork understand this better than most.

Office services, amenities, infrastructure, and even the floor plan of these UrWork co-working spaces are designed to facilitate collaboration, communication, and inspiration. Most of the spaces are as wide-open as one could imagine it to be possible, and all of them are designed with connectivity and high speed access in mind.

Singapore real estate companies, commercial real estate investors, and even governmental agencies have climbed on board with this new initiative. The Chinese company is providing a significant amount of capital in this new investment, but Singapore-based operations are also getting in on the action, too. These new co-working spaces are likely to become the “next big thing” as far as commercial real estate and commercial office space is concerned, and with Singapore’s focus on the businesses of today and tomorrow it’s obvious that they aren’t looking to be left behind on this new trend.

As more and more entrepreneurs, investors, and startups pour into Singapore the demand for co-working spaces will only increase. UrWork is poised to capitalize early and often on this demand.

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