How to Choose an Antique Fireplace


Antique marble fireplaces can provide rooms with a real focal point, holding the ability to transform absolutely any room. Because of this antique fireplaces are an investment in which more and more people across the country are choosing. Antique fireplaces present an investment opportunity, one in which people are able to enjoy for many years. This is why when it comes to choosing an antique fireplace people should take their time and try not to make any hasty decisions.

If you have been considering getting an antique fireplace but want to make sure that you get the most suitable one, the one that will enhance your property the most, then carry on reading…

Antique Fireplace Buying Tips

Size – When it comes to buying an antique fireplace for your home size is something that you must think about. You must ensure that the antique fireplace that you choose is going to fit inside your chimney breast comfortably, and that it is the appropriate size for your room also. Whilst your fireplace should create a focal point, it should not take over your entire living space. Before you even start to look at new fired you should measure your chimney breast and the room that it is in. You may even consider taking pictures of your living room so when out looking at fireplaces you can picture what they would look like in your home more easily.

Surround style – There are many different surround styles available when it comes to antique fireplaces, enabling all to discover options perfect for their tastes.  If you do not know what style you want yet, you should spend some time researching not only looking at what suppliers near to you have available but also looking on online forums here there are more options. Think about style and think about material – really try to decide what you want.

Type – Once you have chosen what surround style you want you need to start to think about what you want inside of it. There are many options for you to consider including baskets, grate and inserts. Again it is down to you. You must do your research and decide what it is that you really want before making any hasty decisions. You can have it as modern or traditional as you wish, with some people even shooing to have electric or gas fires within their amazing antique fireplace surrounds.

Once you know what you are looking for, if you can’t find it, do not hesitate to contact a specialist antique fireplace provide whom will no doubt be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for and more.

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