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Choose the best heating system for your home: Radiator vs. Floor Heating System


The conventional heating systems have been replaced with the latest underfloor heating systems as they provide huge benefits as compared to conventional systems. But, still, there are some people who are using the traditional heating systems like radiators, and want to switch it with the latest systems but are in a dilemma as they really do not know about the latest systems. Moreover, the high installation cost of new systems also affects their decision. But, you do not worry; we are here to help you. We have highlighted here a few advantages and disadvantages of both the systems:

  • Energy Efficiency

Radiators heat the room through convection currents. Firstly, radiator heats the area surrounding it and when the hot air start raising the convection air currents, then the cool air is pushed downwards. This causes mainly two problems such as; the floor remains cooler than the rest of the room and after running radiator for hours, you may find cold pockets in the room.

On the other side, under floor heating system heat the room evenly at lower temperatures. That’s why it is considered more efficient than radiators.

  • Space

Radiators usually occupy large space on the wall which seems bulky and ruin the beauty of a room. However, the radiant floor heating system is installed beneath the floor that makes you free to use all the space of a room, especially the walls for hanging mesmerizing paintings and antique decorative wall items.

  • Cost Of Running

Underfloor heating systems are 30% more energy efficient than a conventional heating system. The radiant floor heating system work such a way that the room is heated even on the lower temperatures (typically 35-60°C) while radiators usually need to heat up to 70-80°C at least.

  • Heating Speed

Here the radiator overshadowing the Floor heating systems. Floor heating systems need a little more time to heat the more whereas the radiator heats the room instantly. Underfloor systems work with UFH systems that are laid in screed and then under flooring that’s why it takes a little more time to heat the room than a radiator.

  • Health Benefits

Have you ever thought about the health benefits of a heating system, m sure you never consider it. But, there are many health benefits of the underfloor heating system as it prevents collecting dust mites on cold patches of the floor and also prevents dust particles from circulating in the room. But, if you are using radiators, surely you have got deprived of these health benefits.

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