Choosing The Photographer For Your Big Day


Every girl dreams of her wedding day. Every detail must be perfect! The venue, flowers, cake, and of course the dress. But what about the photographer? As a bride, you want to look back, after you have spent many glorious years with your groom, and reminisce about that historic day. So, choosing a wedding photographer becomes as important as the dress. Here are five aspects of a wedding photographer you should be aware of when selecting who will be honoured to capture your special day.

  1. Wedding photographers come in all shapes and sizes. Personality is key. A bride will spend more time with her photographer than she will her wedding party. You will need someone you live with. Questions to ask yourself before making that final choice is how well do you communicate with him/her? Can you stand to spend hours hearing their voice as they say stay there, look this way, be silly, or any other instructions. Weddings can be stressful so the last question you may ask is can they handle you!?
  2. Wedding photographers all have strengths and weakness. Once you have narrowed your list and making those appointments be sure to write a list of questions you may have for them. Ask them upfront what are their weakness or strengths. That should get the sales pitch going! Weaknesses could include difficulty shooting night-time weddings or indoor/outdoor venues. Strengths could be catching those candid moments or making themselves invisible.
  3. Wedding photographers should have a portfolio. The bride and groom should take a moment to look at the earlier work of the photographer. Sometimes you may see at portfolios online or in office. You may want to find ratings or reviews as well. Using their portfolio can help you choose what kind of and how many pictures you want. Looking at a photographer’s work can also show their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Wedding photographers always have a fee for their work. You want to get the best bang for your buck. Some wedding photographers offer package deals. Some packages may include engagement sessions, high-resolution photos, or different poses. You may want to think about is that 2,000-dollar package worth it or not. Photographers may also charge for extra photos taken or if they run over the allotted time for the job.
  5. Wedding photographers should deliver your photos promptly. During the high season of weddings, a photographer may take longer to deliver. This is not always a bad thing. No one wants their photos to come in a hurry only to find out years later they are poor quality.

Wedding photographers are talented individuals who will help make your day memorable. These five aspects of a wedding photographer will help that special bride and groom choose the best one for the job.

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