Fashion trends do not often fit everyone. You have to consider your body type if you are contemplating on a look and finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit your body type is not impossible.

Trends come and go. What you are used to wearing from trends of yesteryears may not be fashionable now.

If you are trying to update your wardrobe, consider owning new trendy men’s jeans to completely overhaul your look. All the small differences – fabric, measurement, size, and the cut can complete your look and showcase your personality. 

Why Do Most Men Lag in the Fashion Arena?

Most men are typically not into fashion. As long as they are comfortable with what they are wearing, they are good. It is why you see most men wearing the same worn-out clothes that make them appear that they were drawn out from the 1980s.

One of the fair reasons why most men prefer the same look is their lack of understanding of what looks good on their body shape. Men generally do not care for fashion as long as they have something comfortable and clean to wear.

The lack of a suitable style when making a selection becomes a critical factor in sticking to the jeans they keep wearing. Additionally, men easily get confused about style details, including the jean’s wash, weight, and details. 

Common Denim and Jean Fits for Men

Men’s jeans are as diverse as shoes, and knowing which fits on any occasion counts to make you look and feel confident. Jeans are often marked based on their styles, including skinny, slim, or straight. These labels are indicative of the body type they are designed for. 

  • Regular – Regular denim has straight legs and has a mid-rise. It falls straight down to the hem from the knee. Additionally, regular men’s jeans come with a large leg opening that easily slips through the hips and thighs. 
  • Skinny – This type of jeans is the new addition to the men’s denim family and comes with a tighter fit. It has a tapered leg opening and generally has a low or mid-rise zipper fly. Skinny jeans are tight from the hip to the hem. 
  • Relaxed – Relaxed jeans come with a loose fit from the hip opening to the legs. This type of jeans is perfect for men with a fit muscular body type and large and wide hips. 
  • Loose – Loose jeans have a baggy fit and provide plenty of room in the legs, thighs, and butt area. The loose jean style is ideal for men with wide and large hips. 
  • Slim – This type of jeans has a tighter fit and comes straight from the hips and slims down from the thigh to the leg opening. It is ideal for men who are slim and fit musculature. 

Looking for the perfect pair of jeans is easy when you know your body shape. Finding the perfect fit might be challenging for women, but it is not the same with most men. The only thing you need to consider is finding the perfect style and material to match your personality.