Choosing the Right Back Compression Wrap for Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain impairs the strength and vitality to a large extent. It becomes difficult to lift things and work out in a gym. Athletes suffer the most chronic pain during training sessions and heavy work out sessions. Most of the orthopedic doctors and chiropractors recommend using a back compression wrap for lower back pain.

Several risk factors contribute to developing lower back pain, like obesity, aging, fitness-level, pregnancy, genetics, and physically exerting jobs. According to the NIH (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke), nearly 80% of the adults suffer from back pain at some point in lives. It leads to restrictions in their movements and disrupts their regular life.

The following are some significant aspects that will help you in choosing the right compression wrap.

Different Types of Back Compression Wrap

Various ailments like Spondylolisthesis, Radiculopathy, Herniated or ruptured discs, Spinal stenosis, and Intervertebral disc degeneration are the common causes of lower back pain. Many doctors often suggest the use of compression wraps at an earlier stage of the infirm condition.

You must choose the right type of wrap that will give uniform support to the paraspinal muscles. Adjustable back compression wrap, adjustable posture wrap, and Sacroiliac joint compression wrap are a few of the back-compression wraps that help in relieving the pain by supporting the tendons and ligaments in the lower back.

Material Plays a Vital Role

Most of the wraps are made up of nylon and thick foam material. The belt and adjustable flap have to be soft and cushiony to make you feel comfortable. The design of these wraps is carefully structured to correct your posture as well.

You must make sure once you have it on you, it gives you a warm feeling near the lower back muscles. It should also fit inside your clothing so that you can work or lift objects conveniently. Softness, firmness, and durability are what counts in an excellent back compression wrap.

Snug Fit Counts

The primary objective of a compression wrap is to fit your midsection perfectly. Only then will it provide the best support and allow you to move without any restriction. Most of the back compression comes in a universal size; hence it won’t slide down easily from your back.

Once it allows a snug-fit, you can go to the gym and work out carefree. The uniform support to your ligaments and muscles will decrease the pain. Plus, it will also help you in recovering faster.

Flexibility Is a Must

However, flexibility does not render the required benefit but is a must-have in a back-compression wrap. The body of the wrap has to be sturdy yet soft, but the belt or strap needs to flexible.

Easy adjustability will only add benefit to your free movement. It has to be thick, foamy and should be designed with a heat-retaining technology. All these features will boost the pain-relieving process, and you can quickly resume doing your regular tasks.

A good back compression wrap helps in reducing the pain in the lower back substantially, as it offers warmth to the muscle area and doesn’t restrict the movement. Hence, it is highly recommended by the orthopedics to alleviate pain post-surgery or accidental injury.


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