Choosing the Right Footwear


Shoes are essential to most women not only because of their importance in fashion but because they are simply appealing to them. Many women can’t resist if they see footwear that they like. Shoes can provide insight into the personality of the wearer. They can be bright, dark, heavy, light, tall, flat and also a combination of some of these and can capture a wide range of looks. From high heeled boots to UGG for women the variety in today’s footwear options is mindblowing.

Footwear is as important as the entire outfit itself because even with the right clothes, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the proper footwear. Flexibility in usage used to be a prerequisite for good footwear as it is impossible to have seperate shoes for every occasion. The same footwear was used over a range of outfits. In recent times, the pursuit of the right footwear for each occasion has led to the creation of many new, more outfit specific footwear. The designers have thought of most events and made matching footwear that complemented each style, from shoes to sandals. Wearing good shoes also gives you a confidence boost in your day to day lives.

With the rate at which new shoes are being pumped out from manufacturers, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the designs. Here are some all time classics that’ll get you through anything from a rock concert to a wedding.

  • Pumps – Pumps are one of the most commonly seen footwear. They can be flat or with heels and peep toes or round cut toes. Pumps work well with any outfit. It can be in both formal and casual settings. They also help with adjusting your posture.
  • Stilettos – These shoes are elegant and are perfect for formal evenings or occasions. They can also be paired with casual clothing like jeans or kurtas. Stilettos mean ‘needle heels’ in french and as the name suggests the heels are very thin. This makes walking in stilettos a strenuous task.
  • Loafers – Loafers are very comfort oriented and at the same time adds style to your outfit with ease. These are without heels and are usually paired with casual outfits. They can also be used with some formal outfits too for a semi casual look.
  • Boots – Boots are seasonally popular and are seen in use during winters. They’re used for their warmth rather than their look but recent products have incorporated different styles too. UGG for women is such an example where the product is both stylish and practical.
  • Sandals – Sandals include a large variety of open footwear like flip flops and come with and without heels. They can be paired with almost any type of clothing depending upon the kind of sandal you’ve bought.
  • Ballerinas – Like the name suggests, these are inspired by soft ballet shoes and are very fashionable. These are very comfortable and can be paired with most casual dresses. Sparkling ballerinas are good to wear to occasions too.

There are many more options to choose from like sneakers or brogues and other styles like kitten heels are also gaining popularity. Chain embellished footwear is also a very recent trend where chains are used with already popular styles like pumps to create chained pumps. Staying up to date with trends lets you choose from a wider variety of styles, giving you footwear that are better suited to whichever outfit you’re looking for. Finding the right footwear will complete your wardrobe and give you the flair you’re looking for.

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