Choosing the Right Hydraulic Power Pack


 Hydraulic power packs are stand-alone units that supply power to machinery by generating energy from hydraulic fluids in a reservoir. These pieces of machinery are around us, and we might not even know it. Hydraulic power packs have a wide array of applications. They are used in dump trailers, tipping trucks, electric stacker forklifts, scissor lifts, car lifts, hydraulic valve manifolds, farm waste balers, and so much more. Depending on their intended use, hydraulic power packs are classified according to size and power capacity, so choosing the appropriate unit to use can get a bit confusing, especially to those who are new to this type of machinery. When looking for the right hydraulic power pack to use, keep in mind these important factors to consider:


What are you using the hydraulic power unit for? How much power do you need to run the machine or equipment you have? Ask yourself these questions first when you are presented with an array of hydraulic power pack choices. Various applications have different energy requirements. Typically, these units are classified according to size and consequently, the power capacity they supply.

Standard power packs are conventional hydraulic power units that meet typical industrial requirements. Motors of this type supply up to 30 kilowatts with tank capacities of up to 180 litres which is applicable to crane lifts, agricultural processing machinery, test rigs, and drilling rigs.

500 watts to 3 kilowatts can be supplied by mini hydraulic power packs with tank capacity range of 1 litre up to 55 litres. This is the type used in equipment such as step lifts, manual lowering valves, and step trailers.

The smallest type is micro hydraulic power packs which are compact units for applications that need mobility. Power capacity does not exceed 1kW, and reservoir capacity is up to 1 litre, and this type is used in wheelchairs, chair lifts, and actuators for door openings.

Brand credibility

Just as in choosing the gadgets you will use, it is definitely acceptable to be nit-picky when it comes to choosing your hydraulic power pack supplier. Investing time in researching a reputable company will eventually pay off as you are aiming for equipment efficiency and productivity. Check out and consider this brand that supplies quality hydraulic products.

Equipment reliability

Once you receive the product, or when you are canvassing in stores, don’t spare the sales representative a lot of questions regarding the quality of the unit. Is the material appropriate for heavy use? Are there any issues in its assembly? How about the quality of the fluid inside, which is considered as the “heart” of the unit? Also, enquire about the warranty and service the company provides for scheduled maintenance works if there are any.

Finding out the appropriate hydraulic power unit for you is no easy task but equipped with enough knowledge through research coupled with experience, you are sure to choose the right one.



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