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Clean Windows to Get Crystal Clear View


Clean windows give you a clear view of the outside world; don’t obstruct sunlight for the more dynamic and amiable environment. A clean window with pleasant surrounding helps to achieve inner peace and serenity and better judgment. Dirty windows give a gloomy look to your office or home which affects the attractiveness of the building. Shinning clean windows brighten up the atmosphere and sunlight peeps in. It is a part of building maintenance to give a clean appearance of your office building. The dirt and debris which accumulate on windows over time cause scratches and blemishes over the glass and damages it.

When you hire a commercial window cleaning company, they use modern and eco-friendly tools and equipments to clean windows of the building. Regular and professional wash keeps them glowing, clear and clean. If your office is in a high rise, then professional help is must as doing yourself is impossible. Technicians who clean the window are trained and skilled for this job. Professionals clean windows more precisely and methodically and gives you time to attend other important jobs. You can sign a contract for monthly or weekly cleaning according to budget and circumstances.

Latest window cleaning techniques

In older days cleaning of windows of large buildings were easier as they used to open. Cleaner could stand on the rim with the help of a harness. But with the emergence of glass curtain wall buildings, cleaning of exterior windows, especially of skyscrapers, have become more complex and perilous. Window cleaning has become a specialized job. High-level window cleaning is more delicate and precarious than low-level windows at ground floor.

Hire professionals

Reach and wash system is a water fed pole system of cleaning. Pole which is extendable can reach above the ground floor to clean windows up to 70 feet. Above that, it becomes unstable and heavy. To access high-level windows MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) are used. These machines can reach up to 100 feet that are around 9th or 10th floor of a building to clean the exterior windows. Rope based access and descent system is the only solution for cleaning windows of skyscrapers. This system includes a safety rope, a rope protector, a rope grabbing tool, a suitable mechanism, lanyard and suction cups. This system not only protects the cleaner but helps him to clean faster and more efficiently. Commercial window cleaning professionals take the risk to make your office look lustrous and bright to attract new opportunities and clients to flourish tour business.


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