Clothing: From Survival to Fashion


There are few materials that people deem essential for survival, and these are food, water, shelter, and clothing. However, as civilizations developed, so did these four things. You can have ordinary food and water on the table to sustain you, but you can also have a juicy piece of beef that expert chefs marinated with the most delicate spices and herbs and cooked to perfection. You can have four walls and a roof around you, but you would also prefer a house with ample natural lighting, proper ventilation, and a pleasant, cozy, and charming interior. 

The same phenomenon also exists in clothing. Clothes do not just protect the wearer from the elements. They are now also an expression of beauty and style. Luckily, there is no shortage in clothing stores whose offers range from womens boutique tops to designer sneakers.

The progress of technology, culture, and philosophy allowed humans to no longer be concerned with hunting and gathering for survival. Those four things for which your ancestors endured through unforgiving weathers, vast terrains, or thick jungles are now readily available. This convenience shifted your focus from surviving to living. You became capable of no longer seeing life as something to go through but as something to live. Since you now have what you need to sustain your lives, you now want what else life can offer, and there is no shame in that. After all, if the sky’s the limit and you already climbed high, you either go back down or keep climbing.

You can see this desire to want more in your clothes. Clothing evolved from animal skins to finely woven fabrics. Although fashion and style trends change over time, the clothes you wear still implies some things about you. Clothes can indicate status, personality, beliefs, and beauty. What people wear today is aesthetically and functionally different from what people wore over the centuries. However, one thing that has remained unwavering is the desire to show off style. Even as recent as the decades of the 20th century, people wore clothes to express style and aesthetics.

Wearing clothes now means more than just protecting your bodies from the environment. You now wear clothes to express yourselves. Some people wear cozy floral dresses or womens boutique tops to feel feminine and carefree. Some wear bodycon dresses or tailored suits to show confidence. You change your outfits and wardrobe regularly to keep up with your irregular taste. Even if people wear similar things every day, such as plain shirts and jeans, it still implies something about their personality. Cases in point being Mark Zuckerburg, who is publicly known for wearing his gray Brunello Cucinelli t-shirt, or the late Steve Jobs for his iconic black turtleneck.

Zuckerberg and Jobs also highlight how you do not have to keep up with the latest trends or buy pricey apparel to show and value your style. Trends fade, and prices go down, but style is timeless and priceless. You choose what you wear not only because it is in season, but because it is in your character. 

So go and wear that cheap shirt of your favorite band with your acid-washed jeans and worn-out sneakers. Find that pair of pants that perfectly fit your legs, hips, and waist that you can wear with your favorite women’s boutique tops. When you’re feeling fancy, put on that suit or evening dress. You are done wearing clothes to survive. You wear to live.

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