Every vehicle owner knows how convenient and special cars are. Most car owners enjoy taking them for a spin but rarely clean them. For your precious automobile to serve you for longer and be at its best, you must take proper care of it and inspect it regularly for any issues.

As per research, 75% of drivers in Australia pay attention to the wheels and tyres of their car while 25% only act when something’s wrong. If you’re in the latter category, it’s time to change for the sake of your account and precious car.

One of the ways you can care for your wheels is by cleaning them. It may seem obvious, but some car owners make some costly blunders without knowing as they give their tyres a good wash.

Which are some of these mistakes?

  1. Using Common Dish Soap

It seems harmless and cost-effective, right? The problem is, no matter the brand, dish soap is meant for dishes.

There are so many particles and stubborn stains lodged in tyres. A dish cleaning product isn’t strong enough to deliver the expected results. Besides, depending on their composition, they may do more harm than good to your wheels.

  1.  Body First, Wheels Second

It would be best if you gave the tyres priority because they’re the dirtiest part of the car. Aside from mud, brake dust is another common culprit that shortens the lifespan of your wheels if it’s not cleaned for long.

The dust sticks to the clear coat of your rims, which can cause erosion if poorly cleaned.

A great reason to tackle the wheels first is you wouldn’t want their dirt to ruin the well-polished paintwork of your car.

  1. Using a Toothbrush for Cavities

There’s a reason why toothbrushes are meant for teeth: They’re just the right size to fit into the mouth. Plus, their bristles are specially designed to reach every nook and cranny of your teeth.

That said, they may work wonders for your stunning whites, but it’s the opposite effect when they’re used on wheels. For one, toothbrushes are too stiff, and they have short bristles.

Also, the surface of the rim is too uneven and huge for the toothbrush.

  1. Cleaning all the Wheels at Once

You want to save on time. Okay. However, running around from one wheel to the other not only makes you dizzy, but it can be tiresome as well.

Unless you have a group of friends helping out, stick to one wheel at a time.

As a bonus, cleaning tyres simultaneously causes chemicals, soap, and water to dry each time before you move to the next step.

  1. Using Bath Towels or Paper Towels for Drying

Leaving the wheels to dry out in the sun after a wash may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t as watermarks will stain your spotless tyres.

Using paper towels or bath towels isn’t a great move too, as particles from them will also spoil the neat appearance of your wheels. 

Always use a soft cloth for the drying process and as you dry them, be gentle and methodic. 

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