Common Misconceptions About HGV Drivers


Misconception #1 – Trucking Is A Man’s Job

Although the trucking industry is largely dominated by men similar to the construction, IT, and cab industries, the amount of female truck drivers is increasing on a global level and in the UK. Only 5% of commercial driver’s licences were held by women as of July 2018. However, females are just as capable as men – if not more capable as many women have shown by being more proficient at their job than their male counterparts. Greater numbers of women are entering the industry than ever before.

Misconception #2 – Drivers Are Not Appreciated

Tuckers are the driving force behind most types of businesses. Even though their role is mostly unseen, without their valuable contribution, a business cannot survive. No truckers mean no deliveries which in turn means no food and other essential items in stores. Not to mention luxury items and all those goods that are ordered online. Without truckers, there would simply be very little to buy.

3. Misconception #3 – Everyone Can Drive A Truck

While anyone can learn to drive a truck, this is not a job that anyone can do. The job is just more suited to some than to others. There are many advantages to becoming a truck driver but it can also be a tough job, which requires lots of training, such as CPC training.  It is advisable to find out as much as possible about the pros and cons from experienced truck drivers (forums are a great place to get this information) to find out what to realistically expect from a career in truck driving.

Misconception #4 – Accidents Are Caused By Truck Drivers

HGV drivers often have better training, more experience, and are more careful and considerate of safety than other drivers. In fact, accidents involving trucks are largely as a result of other drivers driving in the blind spot of the truck. It is also important to keep in mind that truck drivers can spend 10 times the amount of time on the road than other drivers.

Misconception #5 – HGV Driving Doesn’t Pay

Like any industry, there are some companies that pay well and others that don’t. The typical salary for a new HGV driver ranges from £19 to 24k. More experienced drivers with better training can earn much more. The most experienced drivers, like those that are on Our Platinum Drivers Scheme, earn in excess of 40k annually.

Misconception #6 – Truckers Have No Culture

This is simply a snobbish assumption and ignorant. Truck drivers have the opportunity to travel far and wide and therefore have far greater experience of locations and the word at large. They find themselves in some of the most interesting places in the UK and for some, further afield in greater Europe.

Misconception #7 – Driving Is A Lonely Job

Although sitting behind the wheel of a truck day in and day out may seem lonely, truckers get the opportunity to meet new people and socialise on a larger scale than in most other types of professions. The trucking community also provides a sense of belonging that is very welcoming.

Misconception #8 – Truck Driving Is Just Sitting

There are many more responsibilities that truck drivers have other than simply sitting behind the wheel. They need to plan their routes, pack and unpack their vehicles, keep track of inventory, and much more. They also need to stay active to stay healthy.

Driving an HGV truck is a serious but rewarding profession that provides diversity and fantastic opportunities. Truck drivers are probably some of the most hard-working and dedicated people in every industry.

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