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Common Plumbing Problems That Require A Professional Plumber


It is not uncommon for a house or a property to face some of the worst plumbing problems from time to time. Whether that’s blocked drains or leaking pipes, everyone’s first instinct is to figure out how to fix it themselves. But specific problems can occur that are best left to the professional plumbers and services. There are always limits to a homeowner’s skills when it comes to plumbing expertise. It’s best to consider hiring a professional from an industry with over 27,300 businesses throughout the country.

As long as there are buildings, the plumbing industry in Australia will have a market demand. It is evident from the fact that the industry has shown considerable growth of about 1.3% in the last five years, putting the industry to a total market value of about 18 billion dollars in the country.

Problems That Require Professional Assistance:

  • Reduced Water Pressure: Low water pressure can be a sign of a clogged drain, blocked pipes or other serious problems. An indicative signal is when water trickles down, or there is no water pressure coming from pipes or showers. An expert must address issues related to low water pressure. Otherwise, it can indirectly affect the efficiency of the pipelines throughout the house.
  • Water Leaking From Pipes: One of the most common issues in the plumbing of a house. It is an issue that gets worse the longer it is left unfixed. Leaks can damage the structure, foundations, growth of moulds and distort walls and floors or ceilings. Professionals can fix the problem at its root and prevent it from happening again.
  • Blocked Drains: Blocked drains are considered a common occurrence in many provinces of Australia like Victoria and Greater Sydney. Blocked or clogged drain results in water overflowing from the orifices and filling up spaces. It can lead to mould formation, damage to the structure or creating a foul smell and stagnating environment that can be a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes.

 Some of the problems that can cause clogged drains are:

  • Foreign Particles: Objects like jewellery or toys can end up in the pipes and block their flow. Kitchen products such as cooking greases can also cause a blockage as when the grease cools, it solidifies and builds up over time, forming a solid blockage that can trap objects.
  • Sanitary Products: Products of health or personal care can get flushed down the toilet and get clogged. Feminine products and baby products like diapers are common materials that end up clogging the pipes.
  • Hair: Large clusters of hair can block the flow by getting stuck in the openings of flow and catching up more hair and other particulates. Tangled hair is way harder to remove, so it’s better to take extra care to prevent even small bits of hair from going down the drain.
  • Roots of Trees: Tree roots are powerful, and they can burst a hole in the pipelines resulting in blocked drains. Always consider the layout of pipes when playing trees, as roots can grow farther out from their point of origins.
  • Leakage of Faucets and Water Heaters: Professional plumbers can easily find the causes of the leak and repair it to its complete and pristine condition. Leakage of water from faucets and water heaters can have its toll on the property’s water and electric bills. So hiring a professional expert can save the homeowner time, effort and money and, at the same time, get the problems fixed with ease.

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