Complete Document Control For Storing, Reviewing And Redlining


Do you like to have the integrated document management solution for Planners, Engineers and Managers? Assai brings you the superior options for delivering your project at the lowest cost. Engineers can work efficiently with the superior Document management technology in the enticing manner. Gain the faster communication with the detailed traceability and external parties. Get the one stop solution for storing all the documents, drawings, emails, contracts, and correspondence as well as purchase orders for the central environment. Assai is one of the top technology filled support for the

  • Business Analysis
  • System Setup
  • Helpdesk
  • Training

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Assai is ready to help you achieve your goals with saving you the time and money. Support your team using the high dedicated document control search options along with drill down functions. Using content search or metadata search, it is convenient to find information instantly without any hassle. Using the Asset information management, it is convenient to define structure of the asset with metadata. Using the high end technology, it is convenient to have the complete history of your asset at your fingertips and linking with the related documentation. Of course, it is convenient to view the document control system with the 3D BIM viewer and suitable for wide end application in the extraordinary way. Asset Information Management helps you to structure of your asset and implements the revision control based on the asset item.

  • Accurate progress reporting
  • Assists people in contractual turnaround times
  • Manage your Documents with high standard
  • Revision Control
  • Assurance of quality
  • Completeness of project data

Using the Assai Document Control technology at hand, it is convenient to have full control of your documentation. High tech document control software helps you to get the Plan, check-in, check-out, preload, distribute as well as collaborate with the internal as well as external staffs.


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