Consequences of DUI in Knoxville and How Can a Defense Lawyer Help


Though Knoxville ranks at #2 in Best Places to Live in Tennessee, it scores lowest in Quality of Life. Factors such as a crime rate of 30% have led to its overall score of 6.8 out of 10.

In a recent nationwide DUI study, Knoxville ranked among the top 10 cities with DUIs, with the city police making about 100 DUI arrests per month. More DUI cases get reported on the I-40, US-129, and State Route 331.

If you get charged in such cases, the consequences can be life-changing, owing to the state’s strict DUI laws. Thus, it is best to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney Knoxville TN. They will support you throughout the entire legal process to register a confirmed win. Here’s what you should know about DUI in Knoxville, its consequences, and how a defense attorney can help you.

Tennessee’s DUI Laws

Tennessee statute § 55-10-401 makes it illegal for anyone to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of any substance, impairing their ability to drive safely. A 0.08 and more BAC measure is sufficient to get you charged in a DUI case in Knoxville.

A top criminal defense lawyer will review the charges leveled up against you and decide the course of action in your case that will indeed get you acquitted.

Tennessee’s Implied Consent Laws

According to Tennessee statute § 55-10-406, Knoxville follows the concept of “implied consent.” The police officer in question should get your consent for an evaluation before proceeding with the breathalyzer and BAC tests.

Experienced defense lawyers check for such loopholes, which can help avoid getting your license suspended, thus making your defense stronger.


Field Sobriety Test in Knoxville

Though every state uses the same Big Three as a part of the field sobriety test, it is not mandatory to undergo these tests in Knoxville.

However, even if you end up taking them, there’s no need to panic. An attorney will analyze these scientific proofs for inaccuracies, such as faulty machinery and human error, to keep the test results off the court.

Consequences of DUIs in Knoxville

Depending on your DUI offense misdemeanor in Knoxville, the jail term, monetary fines, and license suspension duration as penalties will vary.

For your 1st Offense, you can get a punishment of 48 hours to 11 months and up to 29 days of prison time, with a fine of $350 to $1500 and a license suspension for one year. On the other hand, your 4th Offense is considered a felony, and you can face a minimum jail term of 150 days, a fine of $3,000 to $15,000, and have your license suspended for eight years.

A criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, TN, will identify the shortcuts and constitutional violations surrounding your case. They work towards avoiding any missteps and, and in the worst case, getting your penalties reduced to a bare minimum.

In recent years, fatal car crashes involving drunk drivers have become some of the top crimes in Knoxville per 100k people. It is also better to avoid driving under the influence of any substance, as it is dangerous to your life and the lives of others on the road. However, if you do get charged with a DUI, it is best to seek out and hire a reputed and reliable criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, TN.

If you wish to avoid conviction in such complex cases involving the strictest laws, find a competent criminal defense lawyer. Not only will you not lose your driving privileges, but you can also lead a highly reputed life in Knoxville.


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