How To Convince Your Employer To Support Your Online Education


Earning a new degree while working at the same time can give your career a boost in the right direction. The value of an online degree today is immense as it gives you more credibility with your current or future employee. The problem many employees face when they want to take an online class is the support from their employee. Although it has been proven that continued education benefits both the employee and their employer some companies are still hesitant to give their permission and support.

Here are a few tips to help you get the support you need from your company:

1. Take A Look Around

This means checking out other co-workers and their experience with obtaining an online degree. Did they receive any reimbursement for tuition fee? What courses did they take? Does your employee handbook have any rules about working and studying simultaneously?

2. Be Ready To Answer Questions

If you have decided to bring up your continued education to the higher ups of your company one way to gain their support is to have answers to potential questions. Be confident that you believe in your cause and in yourself by giving clear and concise answers to questions like: “What does the company benefit from paying for your degree?”. Being prepared to give them evidence that your education will benefit the company in both short-term and long-term goals will significantly increase the chances of them giving you their full support.

3. Be Specific With Costs

Aside from answering questions you also need to present the breakdown of costs. This gives HR and accounting a better idea on how much they will invest in your education. It will also help your cause when you cite that getting an online degree is much cheaper than taking an in-campus course.

4. Prove Your Loyalty

One major reason why many employers do not support the continued education of their employees is because they think the employee has other plans. Adding a value of an online degree to your resume makes it more attractive which gives employers reason to think that you are planning to apply for a different job. Instill confidence by proving that you are loyal to your company and will use your degree to help the company.

5. Create a Clear Tuition Assistance Contract with Your Company

Not all companies will have a standard tuition assistance contract and HR may need some help in writing one. This is a big advantage as you can check for issues before signing the contract.

Make notes on the commitment level they require during and after your education, how the reimbursement payment process goes, the academic standards they require, consequences when you do not complete the course. These are just some details worth taking note of before signing any contract. If you feel like you cannot meet any one of the terms presented talk it out with your company until you reach an agreement.

Get the support you need to earn a degree while you work by using these helpful tips. Work with your employer so that both parties benefit from your educational goals.
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