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Rose Gold Fang Open Face

The high price of the grillz shouldn’t deter you from flaunting the hip hop style. The elegant Rois D’or copy of 14k gold finish bottom grill is available at an affordable price to give you that perfect look you desire. Why spend thousands for the same look? It is premade and can easily fit almost any mouth size.


You can get this Rose Gold Fang Open Face grillz for an affordable price without losing the charm and striking features of the original Grillz. It features 14k rose gold plating over brass. It comes with silicone molding bar and instructions on how you can fit, remove and reuse them in just minutes.

Some of the main features of the Rois D’or www.roisdor.com/collections/all/products/copy-of-14k-gold-finish-bottom-grill include:

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  • Single size that can be worn by anyone having different mouth sizes or even when having crooked teeth
  • Comes with silicone molding bars that allow easy custom fitting
  • 14k rose gold plating over brass
  • Comes with instructions so  that you can easily fit and remove the Rose Gold Fang Open Face grillz.

About Rois D’or

Rois D’or offers elegant and high quality hip hop jewelry pieces in different styles beside this copy of 14k gold finish bottom grill. Choose from a wide range of jewelry pieces featuring hip hop culture, including gold, platinum, silver and cubic zirconia style. All the pieces are available at affordable prices.

Rois D’or is always updating its product line with new range of jewelry pieces. The online shopping experience is perfect on its online store. The copy of 14k gold finish bottom grill, like all other products from the brand is made of high quality materials. Its other products include necklaces, bracelets, wide range of grills for teeth, pendants and earrings.

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