Core Principles to Packing Light for Short Travels


Your precise packing list would be dependent on the destination. It would also be dependent on the length of your trip, your planned activities, and the weather. David Guillod lays emphasis on the core principles of packing for every trip. He insists on gaining adequate knowledge on the rules prior to you actually breaking them. You should learn to work within the constraints before you could begin to freestyle.

Choosing the right bag

You should fill the entire space that you have in your traveling bag. Rather, you should pack light with the essential items that you will need during your travel. You should travel with a carry sized bag that you would help you travel lighter and efficiently.

You should keep your bags organized using compression bags and cubes. You should make the most of the organizers in order to travel light and without the hassle of carrying more bags for a short trip. You would end up missing one of your items or bags during the trip. The idea is to have fun rather than getting caught up with your bags and luggage on a short trip.

Core principles of packing for short trips

David Guillod would recommend following the core principles of packing for short trips. Let us delve on them.


  • Pack essential items only


The most important rule of packing light would be to look for essential items in the bag rather than carrying what you might need for the trip. In case, you were in need of a specific item, you could always purchase it from the destination where you intend to travel. The golden rule would be to take half the clothes and twice the money.


  • Packing layers and not bulk


When you intend to travel to cold weather or across multiple climatic conditions, you should dress in layers. You should pack multiple thin layers that takes up less space and offers adequate flexibility as compared to packing bulky items such as coats and sweaters. It would be essential that you wear coats or jackets rather than packing them.


  • Use a simple color palette


It would help you ensure that you could mix and match everything that you carry for the trip. Your simple color palette would ensure to maximize the number of outfits for the clothes you carry during the trip.

You should rest assured that packing light has been deemed relatively easier than most people think.


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