Creating healthy eating habits to your child:


Being a mom is the most challenging thing in life. No corporate CEOs can match the kind of effort and strategy a mom does to make her child eat. Most of are very much familiar to storytelling and make our child eat. Most kids make our job easy but some naughty ones will challenge us. Creating a healthy eating habit to your kid starts from his birth. The kind of food a child eats will decide his healthy adulthood. Hence this is the base and as a mom it is our responsibility to make our kids eat the right food the right way.

When I was in a discussion with a doctor at a maternity hospital in gurgaon, it was very clear that childhood obesity leads to a lot of dangerous and life threatening illness as they grow up. If you want your child to develop healthy eating habits then we would advise you to encourage your entire family to develop healthy eating habits. Children get influenced very easily. Hence it is very important to create an environment in which the child is influenced to the right kind of food and eating. Let us now split the meal by the time of day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be healthy and heavy. Inculcate a habit in your child that no matter what they do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to lot of disturbances like ulcer and gastritis. Having breakfast not later than 9 AM in the morning. Include a lot of protein rich food in your diet. Add a lot of fruits in the diet. If your kid is school going then pack him or her a snack box which contains fresh fruits or protein bars. Bananas are the best source of energy.

Including both eggs and banana in the break. It contains a lot of nutrients and helps in boosting your metabolism. These foods will give you more energy and makes you feel full without eating more. This will help you kids stay full till 12 PM and hence will prevent them in eating junk food. Also, avoid eating out often. The adulteration that is done on the outside food not only gives tastes but also makes us addicted to the outside food.

If you notice any changes in the eating and bowl habits of your child, visit the best pediatrician near you and get it sorted out. Maintaining a healthy communication with your kid on his or her habits is very important to know them in and out.

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