Cross numbers or nonograms may virtually be less appealing, but they’re fantastic cathartic puzzles. You may be looking to escape through action games, and that’s okay, but you’re missing the essence of these classic puzzles. These aren’t visually overwhelming, and people do spend hours and hours in solving these until they encounter that a-ha! moment after completing a tricky level. 

If you’re here, the chances are that you already are a puzzle person, and if not, you could be someone who certainly admires such picture-grid puzzles. These are logic-based and require no prior know-how in solving even evil challenges. Regularly playing games like the cross numbers take you off the illogical scenarios. These puzzles, most of the time, make sense even when the rest of your life might not. Yes, you could certainly frustrate or get agitated when you don’t find the solution, but that’s temporary. Once you’ve developed your interest in the game, nothing can pull you back. There’s a sense of order leading to the alleviation of your anxieties or obsessive thoughts. Moreover, that sense of accomplishment or satisfaction after marking the last right square on the grid is far from any explanation. 

Best Cross Numbers Game

Cross numbers, also popularly known as Nonograms, Griddlers, or Picross, are those puzzles that often lead to a very simple visual solution with the help of the clues provided on the exteriors of the grid.

Today, multiple variants for mobile and computer platforms are out in the market. And, each of those is based on similar mechanics. So, talking of mobile puzzles, picture cross puzzle by Easybrain is amongst the most loved puzzles on Google play store. The game has a very sophisticated interface and starts with a basic virtual tour of the rules which are as follows:

      Paint the number of squares as per the numerical clues given outside the grid

      If there are multiple numbers, separate them with at least one blank square

      You’ve to focus on both the rows and columns to paint the squares correctly

      Any cells that you feel cannot be painted, mark those with a cross

      If any possible solution is left, you may paint that and complete the puzzle

Once you’re through the tutorial, you’ll see that the grid results in a pixel image. That’s how you need to get through at every level. There are daily challenges and also the seasonal ones so you can continue with a new game as per your mood or needs. Also, there are three different difficulty levels to choose from, along with several other excellent features. 

After all the overwhelming experiences that people are going through during their quarantine phase, something calming and simple like this game can help you cope much better. You may assume that logic, math, and the effort might drive you even crazier – but these are essentially the requisites of this game. In fact, these features help you approach the game at a comfortable speed, a luxury that’s often not afforded in the gaming industry. And, you don’t have to particularly find time or reasons to solve a nonogram – this style totally provides an escape to all those who need it.