What is the deadline for linking Aadhaar card? Detailed guide


The time has come when all the public and private documentation need your Aadhar linked with them The Aadhar linking process has come into the process from the time of demonetization in our country. This is a very crucial and important part of our day to day life as the corruption has taken a hype in all the sectors of government. The government has passed this rule sometime before and since then so many deadlines have been given. Although, all the deadlines have been increased because not everyone has gone through this process. It is hard to even for the government to ask each and every citizen to follow this protocol and that is the reason why these deadlines are always being shifted to a further limit. This is important for each and every responsible citizen of the country to follow this kind of protocol. Here are some deadlines that were given by government authorities for linking the Aadhar card to mutual funds, phone number, bank accounts, PAN and many more.

In the year 2017, in the month of December, the government notified about the deadline of Aadhar linking with PAN. In the month of July, the government passed the rule for the ITR filing that it will only be done after the successful linkage of Aadhaar with PAN. There were so many people who could not complete this Aadhar linking process which is why the government stretched this deadline until August. It is not possible that every person will follow the first deadline given by the government and that is why the government authorities have to be lenient and stretch the deadlines once or twice at least.

There have been so many deadlines provided for the Aadhar linking for the mutual fund investors too. There are many mutual find houses and AMC’s who said that only a new portfolio can be opened when the investor will link Aadhar to mutual fund portfolio. It is very important for those investors too who already have an active mutual fund investment as they can only buy and sell any stocks when they have linked their Aadhar with their portfolio. It is very crucial as there can be a loss of money if this rule is not followed. The market conditions never stay constant, so this gap can be very harmful to some investors who cannot afford this delay.

The process of Aadhar linking has made very easy now as there are so many online platforms for you to follow this process. These online platforms will help you to with a step by step process and you can do this in the comfort of your own home. There are many other options for getting it done like physical KYC and by going to the Aadhar centers. The Aadhar linking process is now compulsory in every field like in your tax documents, your official documents, any institutional documentation, railway registration, bank account opening, mutual fund investments or any other kind of investment. This is important for everyone to understand that this process is made for our benefit only. This provides a secured transaction policy and a secured status at any point of documentation. This is our responsibility to follow the rules of government, according to the deadline and become a responsible and good citizen of our country. This is not necessary that the government will keep shifting the deadlines so it is highly recommended to link your Aadhaar as soon as possible with all the documents you need. This is our country and we are responsible for any corruption that will take place because of our carelessness.

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