Dealing with Your Kids Who Do Not Want to Move



 It is not easy to convince your kids that you need to move to another place. It is a concept that they might not understand. It is true especially if they already have friends and they start to realise that they might not see those friends again. Therefore, it is crucial for you to make them understand the reason why you are moving and be patient with them as they deal with it.

Do not hide the truth from them

As soon as you decide that you are going to move, you need to inform your kids right away. You can go further by telling them why you are going to move. It is not easy for them to accept at first, but you should deal with the problem now rather than wait for it to get worse. You could even involve them in the process. Ask them to help you select where you are going to move to. Allow them to feel that you are leaving and there is no turning back.

Ask them about how they feel

If it is difficult for you to leave your home, it is also difficult for your kids. Therefore, you also need to ask them how they feel about the decision. You cannot assume that they are kids and they will not care. Sit down with them and have a serious conversation about your plans. Answer their questions if they have any. Ease their concerns too. If they fear that they are not going to meet their friends again, you can inform them how it is going to happen. They will not understand right away, but it helps if you have this kind of discussion.

Throw a goodbye party

If you are saying farewell to your friends with a party, you can do the same thing for your kids. They will appreciate it if you throw them a goodbye party where they can decide the theme and the food to serve. It is their chance to say thank you to their friends or even make pacts about not breaking their friendship even if they are apart. It is also a favour that you are doing for them since they did not want to be in this position, but you forced them into it.

Let them help you pack things

Eventually, you need to start packing your stuff. You can ask your kids to assist in the process. Tell them to pack their stuff by giving them a small container where they can place their things. You can let them bring whatever they can manage to fit in it. They might enjoy the process. They will also feel that it is soon time to say goodbye, so they need to get moving. To speed up your moving process, you can ask help from Cheltenham removals. The company will send staff to come over and help you pack. They could also provide a delivery truck to take all your things to the new place where you are going to move.

Avoid getting angry at them

Even if your kids are becoming difficult during this phase. It is not healthy if you get mad at your kids because of their behaviour. Again, it is not their fault they are in this situation. You brought it on them. The least that you can do is to understand their actions.

It is tough to deal with kids who do not want to move, but you can do it.


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