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Determining the Best Airport Sweeper for Your Facility


Just like a common phrase states that you cannot take knives to a gun fight, the same idea correlates to airport sweepers. You have to ensure that you are using the right tool for the best results. The most significant consideration is the best sweeper for the specific debris conditions. Foreign object debris can cause substantial damages to the aircraft’s engine, and it is best if this is avoided by clearing the trash regularly.

Before settling on airport sweepers, there some factors that you ought to consider helping you make the right choice. Make sure to ask these questions to help you make sound decisions.


If you want a fast and aggressive sweeper, the magnetic sweeper is the way to go. This is because it is capable of attracting metallic debris and all you have to do is pass over the area. This can see you clear a large area within a short period.

Type of environment

Before settling on a sweeper, consider the kind of environment where the FOD is. It could include a dusty, muddy or leafy environment. Each environment will need a different type of sweeper with different specialization designed explicitly for the particular debris.

Condition of the surface

Consider if the surface that requires sweeping is smooth or coarse. This is because an area with a rough surface may need a more complex airport sweeper compared to the smooth surface. Also, consider if the surface has other subsurface areas for example joints, tie downs, and cracks. You will need a mechanical sweeper to navigate in such subsurface.

Your budget

You ought to consider the amount you are planning on buying the machine and how much you need for maintenance of the equipment. Some of the devices may require lesser maintenance than others. Get the equipment you can comfortably afford to purchase and maintain.

Size of the surface

The size of the area that requires being cleaned is also a determinant of what type of sweeping equipment to choose. For example, friction mat sweepers are recommended for small surfaces while mechanical sweepers are best for large surfaces. It can be used to sweep surfaces and subsurface simultaneously thus saving on time.

When it comes to a complex environment like a large airport facility with many tie downs, cracks but with smooth runways, it is better if you use more than one sweeper for complete coverage. Consider how your facility affects the type of sweeper you require. For example, if the airport has a wall or fence it can affect the amount of debris that accumulates in the downwind area.

We can help you decide the best airport sweepers after listening to your needs. Make an order with us today and get the most efficient and fast machine to keep your airport surface clean.

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