From Diamond  Jewellery  To Air Tickets, Exquisite  Wedding Gifts For Your Significant Others  


The wedding fervour is now over, and you feel lost without having a hundred people always surrounding you, friends and family calling to wish you good luck, and the general feeling of being the centre of attention. The honeymoon period is over, and you are back to your pre-wedding routine. However, it doesn’t need to be all gloomy! Keep the excitement of the marriage alive by surprising your partner with a post-wedding gift! Here are a few gifting ideas if you’re looking to ensure that your partner still feels the joy of marriage:

  • Tickets to your favourite holiday destination

It could be Kerala or London, domestic or foreign. It is always a good idea to take a break out of your hectic schedule and enjoy each other’s company. Since you have most likely just come back from your honeymoon, a holiday soon after may seem unwise. That’s why, you could book tickets, make reservations for about 6 months later, so that both of you have something more to look forward to than just domestic bliss!

  • Jewellery

Diamond jewellery in the form of a ring for him or a pair of earrings for her is a great way of saying that you still think about what the other one likes. It is a tangible reminder of all the days that you have spent together in marriage.

  • Dinner date

Remember all the lunch and dinner dates that were so frequent before the wedding? Now that you live together going out for a romantic dinner may not necessarily be on the agenda. However, as most seasoned married people say, you have to keep the romance alive! Book a candlelight dinner at your favourite restaurant. Rekindle the romance of the pre-wedding days when both of you would blush at the tiniest compliments!

  • A luxurious spa

Book yourselves a couple’s massage. Better yet, book yourself a spa retreat away from home and work. Spend a day lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand, reminiscing the days of courtship. You can indulge yourselves with a body massage, manicures and pedicures, and return home with a rejuvenated spirit and some new memories.

  • Dress for her, cufflinks for him

You could get her a saree from her favourite designer or a dress from her favourite boutique. He could be gifted with a monogrammed pair of cufflinks. These wardrobe ideas are perfect for some fancy work meeting or simply for your dinner date with each other!

  • Furniture

You both have turned your house into a home by carefully furnishing it. Maybe it’s time to add something more to it. You know he likes to unwind after a day at work in front of the television. How about getting him a special recliner? You may be aware that she is artistically inclined. How about surprising her with a new painting by her favourite? No, no Monet’s or Picassos but a masterpiece from her favourite local artist.

Let each other know that you may be married, but you still care about one another with these beautiful yet thoughtful presents.



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