Did White Boy Rick Get Any Money From The Movie

did white boy rick get any money from the movie

White Boy Rick,” a cinematic adaptation released in 2018, narrates the turbulent life of Richard Wershe Jr., who became known as “White Boy Rick”. This Detroit native’s life was a whirlwind of drug dealing, FBI informant work, and lengthy prison sentences. Naturally, with such a gripping tale hitting the big screen, many ask: did White Boy Rick receive any compensation from the film that portrayed his life?

Backdrop: Understanding White Boy Rick

Richard Wershe Jr. was not your ordinary teenager. By age 14, he was deeply entrenched in the drug trade and was also a confidential informant for the FBI. His dual life ultimately led to his arrest at 17, followed by a life sentence for drug trafficking. After serving nearly 30 years, he was released in 2020.

The Movie’s Creation and Wershe’s Involvement

“White Boy Rick,” starring Matthew McConaughey, dramatized Wershe’s story for the world. But was Wershe himself involved?

  1. Consultation: Richard Wershe Jr. did provide insights to ensure the film’s authenticity, but it’s unclear if he held any official title like ‘consultant’.
  2. Rights to the Story: Typically, if a movie is based on someone’s life, rights to the story are acquired, often in exchange for compensation. The specifics of such deals, however, are usually confidential.

Monetary Compensation: What We Know

The direct financial details of any agreement between Wershe and the filmmakers remain undisclosed to the public. It’s also worth noting that movie deals can involve upfront payments, royalties, or a mix of both.

While Wershe never publicly disclosed receiving a specific amount, he did mention in interviews the hope that the movie would aid his reintegration into society. This could allude to both the societal awareness and potential financial benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was Richard Wershe Jr. portrayed accurately in the film?

While the film captured the essence of Wershe’s life, like all Hollywood portrayals, some creative liberties were taken.

2. Has Wershe commented on the film?

Yes, in various interviews, Wershe has expressed his views on the movie, generally appreciating its portrayal of his life’s complexities.

3. Apart from potential movie earnings, has Wershe ventured into other projects?

Since his release, Wershe has been exploring various opportunities, including potential book deals and public speaking engagements.


The question of financial compensation for Richard Wershe Jr., or “White Boy Rick,” from the movie remains shrouded in ambiguity. While it’s likely he benefitted in some form, given the standard practices of the film industry, the exact details are private. Regardless, the film has undoubtedly played a part in reshaping the narrative around Wershe’s tumultuous life.

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