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Different Types of Scaffolding



Staging is necessary for construction works. It is a temporary structure that supports construction workers and construction materials and allows access to the infrastructure. 

It ensures that workers have a reliable, protected, and solid elevated stationary platform when work cannot be executed on level ground. It simply means that you can construct, reconstruct, or disassemble it anytime.

The individual parts such as the tube, frames, and other materials used to assemble it when formed are called scaffolding. It holds and hoists the workers and their materials during the construction, repair, or cleaning of the structure. 

Different Types of Scaffolding

A scaffold has different types depending on the method of work. It consists of multiple planks with various size, length, and methods depending on the type utilized.

  1. Trestle Scaffolding. The form is tripod-looking, movable ladders that are primarily used indoors. It is commonly used when there is repair, cleaning, or painting work done. The height of this scaffolding is limited to 5 meters only.
  2. Steel Scaffolding. It is the most popular scaffolding type. This one is made with steel tubes and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has a higher cost compared to some scaffolds because of its many benefits. Though it is more expensive, it is safer to use. It provides depth and durability and is fire resistant. It is typically used for outdoor installation and big infrastructure projects.
  3. Patented Scaffolding. These are ready-made scaffoldings that are directly available in the market and can be used immediately. It comes with brackets so that you can adjust the level of the scaffold, made with steel bars.
  4. Suspended Scaffolding. Used for painting and some repair works. The stand is adjustable according to the desired length. It comes with rope and chains tied to the platform when hanging from the roof
  5. Single Scaffolding. One of the most common, fundamental, and early methods of scaffolding. It consists of standards, putlogs, ledgers that are associated with the wall. It is commonly used for brick masonry.
  6. Double Scaffolding. Also known as independent scaffolding, used for stone masonry jobs. Because it is challenging to make holes on a stone wall, two scaffoldings produce a resolute structure for construction work
  7. Cantilever Scaffolding. This scaffold has confined usage and requires recurring checks before installation. It is supported by chains of needles that are pulled out from the holes in the wall. The other kind of cantilever scaffolding is not supported by the wall but by the floor through the double frame scaffolding. Due to its limitations, one must be careful when installing it
  8. Kwikstage Scaffolding. The easiest and effortless way to assemble and dismantle, used for both big and humble construction work. It is quickly displaced by conventional scaffolding and is secure and safe enough to work with. It comes with a customizable height too.

These different kinds of scaffolding methods will help you identify which one is appropriate for your field of work. Thus, helping you maintain a productive and fast working lifestyle.

Working in high areas is a dangerous job. To ensure safety, scaffolding work must be performed by a person who holds the proper class of high-risk work licenses.


Scaffolding is an essential part of construction because it allows workers to safely build high-rise buildings and do repairs or maintenance. Remember to practice proper scaffolding methods. That is administering accurately to ensure fast completion of work and the safe working standards of the builders.


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