Digital Life and the Effects of Blue Light


In life, certain things can be indisputable, but the opportunity to claim such is rare. For example, unless you decided to print this article out, you are reading these words on one of many screens you may own. Like the majority of individuals in this nation, you most likely spend quite a bit of time viewing blue light even while indoors. The sun naturally creates blue light that people intake throughout the day, but people were certainly not designed to receive excessive amounts daily. Most cell phones come equipped with smart light functionality that changes the color of the screen based on the light temperature outside. However, the amount of blue light people expose themselves to is becoming alarming. Ophthalmologists such as Rohit Varma commonly discuss preventative measures for deteriorating eyesight caused by blue light.

Determining the Extent of Macular Degeneration

Individuals who specialize in optometry refer to macular degeneration as the deterioration of the center of one’s retina. This area of the eye is responsible for the many activities people enjoy and would like to participate in for the entire duration of life. Your macula allows for you to binge-watch shows, play visually intensive games, and catch perfect spirals from close friends. Since excessive exposure to blue light from technological devices is still relatively new to society, the amount of definitive language in this area is severely lacking. While this is true, this is not to say that you are free and clear to use your devices in excess. Professionals in this area usually recommend that you take frequent breaks from screens to reduce the damage caused by constant blue light.

Viewing Screens and Straining Eyesight

If you are someone that requires a computer to work, the total amount of time you have spent staring at screens would be alarming. Based on current technology trends, more screen time may be desirable for job functions moving forward. Many companies have turned to favorite business communication tools such as Skype and Slack to conduct business remotely. Instead of conversing with individuals face-to-face, many conversations take place through screens. Endless hours involve responding to emails, writing reports, and browsing favorite sites each day. As a society, it appears as if people have forgotten that written text exists outside of the internet. Engaging in traditional forms of printed media will decrease your exposure to blue light over time.

Purchasing Protective Eyewear

Eye doctors and other professionals have started to recommend protective eyewear for extended screen-time use. The internet certainly is not going anywhere, and people must remain realistic regarding real-world expectations. Screens of all shapes and sizes act as extensions of the human body, and they are becoming more integrated than ever. Certain people consider the younger generations to be cyborgs because of how firmly attached they are to screens. Protective eyewear may assist your eyesight if you are always looking at screens throughout the day. Even still, it is always wise to seek professional advice and to take repeated breaks while working or viewing displays during downtime.

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