Divorce Advice – Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney


The usual first step in a divorce is meeting with your attorney. When meeting for the first time, it is okay to feel nervous, excited or unsure. Despite the mixed feelings, there is always the puzzling concern of what to talk about. This is always the case when meeting with divorce lawyers in Allentown PA.

You must try to have a definite plan when you walk into your attorney’s office. Remember that you have questions that need answers. You must have the right questions and remember to ask them. Your first meeting should leave you with an idea or two of the process. When you do not ask your questions, you get to hear everything else but answers. If need be, make a list of questions and take it along with you. This makes sure you do not end up spending more by calling to ask questions after the first meeting.

There is a range of information you should have after your first meeting with the divorce attorney. How well your attorney handles, your case will affect your life after the divorce. This is true, especially as regards your finances. You must bear this in mind. Divorce lawyers in Allentown PA will let you know the following:

  • The cost of their services. You must be fully aware of the cost. Some lawyers demand large retainers and others bill you on a regular basis. Apart from their services, you must also know the cost of the divorce itself. Even if you cannot get the exact figure, an estimate would be perfect.
  • The information you need should also center on the experience of the attorney. How long have they been practicing divorce law? How long have they been in Allentown? You would want a lawyer who specializes in family law or divorce. It is advantageous if they are familiar with the place. This is because they would know the judges and lawyers in the area.
  • You must also be aware of the approach that your attorney plans on taking. Are they going to be a cooperative or combative? This helps you compare and contrast with your style. If you would like to settle and not go hostile, you need your attorney to be like that. If his or her approach does not tally with yours, you might want to find someone else. However, your chosen attorney should be able to fight for you if a combative approach becomes necessary.
  • When meeting with divorce lawyers in Allentown PA, you should also throw in some open questions; such as what they think the outcome of the divorce will be. They should be able to give you information; especially those pertaining to property, child support, child custody, and An experienced attorney should let you know what they think. Otherwise, they are either inexperienced or hiding something. Do not be afraid to look elsewhere for a lawyer that is more experienced and straightforward.

When you visit divorce lawyers in Allentown PA, prepare to ask and answer questions.

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