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DIY Turf Installation: Steps In Faking Your Lawn


If you want an aesthetically beautiful lawn, artificial grass or turf can do the trick. Many homeowners switch from the real thing to fake grass because of the incredible benefits that it has to offer. Now that you’re planning to purchase cool turf at Australian Synthetic Lawns, you should know the steps involved in the installation of turf. But before that, let’s take a quick look about fake grass.

Artificial lawn does not require the use of pesticides, watering, trimming and mowing. It will help you reduce the water bill consumption and it will always look great the entire year even with minimal maintenance. With proper artificial grass installation, you’ll have a cool lawn for the many years to come. No wonder fake grass is now widely used in most metropolitan areas. And it’s time to have yours.

Turf provides you a natural looking grass and you will never recognize that it is not a real grass unless you try to inspect it closely. Although artificial grass is a little bit costly, you will have the assurance that it’s a worthy investment.

Synthetic grass suppliers in Sydney can offer you top quality selection of turf items allowing you to get what you pay for. You can choose depending on your lawn or on your own personal preference. While professional installation is recommended, you may also consider installing it by yourself. Here are the simple steps on how to install turf in your home.

Steps In Laying Artificial Grass

Step # 1

Clean the area where you want to plant your fake grass. You can use a sod cutter to make the job easier.

Step # 2

Add at least 2 to 4 inches layer of crushed aggregate like decomposed granite in all areas so that you can create a good drainage under your artificial grass in Sydney.

Step # 3

Introduce your 15-25 year marry obstruction over the total base and secure it with scene staples. It is imperative to keep away from weeds jumping up in your new yard.
Step #4 
Roll your phony grass in the territory and guarantee that all sharp edges go one way to have an expert and cleaned look.
Step # 5
Crease sorts out using the seaming tape. Presently, append the turf to the base with aroused nail at the edge of the turf grass. You can begin at one side with the goal that you can pull it from the opposite side.
Apply an infill material like sandblasting sand with drop spreader. This will help you to evacuate hurtful tidy that you may breathe in. When you have spread the material, brush it equally to get the infill base of turf filaments.

Talk to a trusted turf supplier in your area and he could help you come up with better decision for your lawn. For the steps on how to install artificial grass for golf course, pool sides, and even in sports fields, don’t hesitate to contact Australian Synthetic Lawns.

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