Do brow serums actually work?


If you we have a tendency tore one in all those rare creatures who ne’er over-plucked your brows, we salute you. as a result of over-plucking brows is one of the foremost common beauty blunders the majority folks have fallen victim to at some purpose in our lives (hey, it’s virtually sort of a ceremony of passage). With the help of brandsreviews site, you can check the best cosmetics brands as well as health

And if you’ve ever tried to return back from associate over-plucking disaster (or simply have extremely skinny brows/are experiencing hair hair loss), you’ll knowledge laborious it’s to urge them to grow – it doesn’t happen overnight, and infrequently the hairs will find yourself coming distributed and uneven. Sigh. show source

The smart news? There are a bunch of answers which will assist in giving you the looks of fuller, thicker brows – from brow-enhancing makeup products, to aperient (a DIY home remedy that acts like an hair conditioner to support hair growth), and semi-permanent treatments like microblading, eyebrow feather and henna tattooing. Not your cup of tea? we have a tendency

toll, have you ever tried eyebrow serums?

Eyebrow enhancing serums are everyplace as of late, and they’ve been touted because the simple solution to support brow growth. Sceptical on whether or not or not they *actually* work? We spoke to Dermal practician Jodie King from Sydney’s Skin Clinic at Blyss, and wonder healer associated Cosmetic Tattooist Georgene Donegal from G&T Beauty to seek out out if they’re price a try.

What are hair serums?

“Eyebrow serums are a liquid that’s gently applied to the brow bone victimization an device wand, that is then absorbed into the hair follicles and existing hair,” explains Donegal. “Once absorbed, the ingredients in eyebrow serums enhance the thickness of the brow hairs you have already got and facilitate stimulate growth in areas that are sparse.”

Sounds pretty good, right? however before you appear and get one, it’s handy to understand that kind of like lash serums, there are 2 differing kinds of brow serums: prescription ones and over-the-counter ones. in keeping with King, prescription brow serums contain active ingredients that impact the brow hair’s growth cycle and ends up in new growth. “Bimatoprost is that the solely ingredient that’s scientifically verified to grow lashes and brows – however it’s prescription only,” says King.

While you usually ought to see a authorised caregiver to shop for these varieties of hair growth products, there are some nice over-the-counter eyebrow foil serums that contain essential oils (like argan oil and castor oil), mucopolysaccharide and fat-soluble vitamin to assist improve the look of your brows by strengthening and learning them. “The key ingredients to a decent [over-the-counter] hair liquid body substance are people who are peptide-rich, that facilitate to market a healthy hair follicle. Vitamins like B complex and panthenol work to strengthen the hair, and antioxidants help to stimulate the hair growth,” says Donegal.

How long will it go for see results?


Eyebrow serums take time to figure their magic, thus don’t psych yourself up for fast results. “You ought to provide it time,” says King. “Eight to twelve weeks is that the norm. Consistency of use is the key (a bit like reaching to the gym!). Once you stop, the growth cycle with revert back to normal.”

“Eyebrows have the slowest rate of regrowth on the body compared with scalp and body hair. It takes about 65 days for eyebrows to regrow after plucking as a teenager, and from the age of around 42, the more we wax, thread or pluck the hairs, the sparser they become,” says Donegal.

“Depending on the product, it is generally advised to apply daily during this time and every third day following the initial eight weeks as continued maintenance. As products can vary, it’s best to follow the instructions as directed by the product you have purchased,” Donegal advises.

Are there any potential side effects?

It’s important to keep in mind that your face and eye area are especially sensitive, so it’s crucial to do your research so you not only choose a product that’ll give you great results, but also one that is safe to use.

“Eyebrow serums (similarly to eyelash serums) can cause a range of serious side effects, including; itchy eyes, redness, eyelid discolouration, eyelid drooping and permanent change in iris colour. These side effects have been heavily linked to products that contain prostaglandins, which emphasises the importance of researching the ingredients of the product before use and stopping use straight off ought to any facet effects occur,” says Donegal.


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