There are plenty of options on the market today to accessorize your vehicle. If you’re looking to up the cool factor of your car, check out our list of favorite car accessories here. We think you just might find something new.

Car Accessories

These cool car accessories can make your driving experience a smooth and safe journey. Here are just few that we like best:

Car Safety Escape Tool

No one ever hopes that they’ll be in a vehicle accident. But some recreational vehicles, like jeeps, are made for off-road adventures that bring an element of danger. Make sure your Jeep tool box has a handy car safety escape tool to help you escape a wrecked vehicle.

These cool car accessories come with reinforced steel points and a recessed knife blade made from high carbon steel or aluminum. They are designed to help cut stuck seat belts or smash through safety glass. Some escape tools also have a built-in emergency flashlight.

Inflatable Car Jack

This emergency roadside helper weighs about 35 pounds. Car jacks are usually rated to lift around three-quarters of a vehicle’s gross weight. This inflatable car jack can lift vehicles up to 10 tons.

This wide base model inflates through a hose you can slip over the exhaust pipe. They’re designed for easy transport. They can be used in a regular maintenance shop or for emergency roadside service.

Custom Floor Mats and Decals

People tend to spend more money on their cars than anything else.

It’s not just the car itself and it’s maintenance, but also the add-ons and accessories that might come with it as well.

We are talking about pretty much anything from custom tires, floor mats, decals, license plates, lights and anything else you can think of.

This is something many Tesla owners infatuate over, as it’s kind of like the Apple die-hards that love everything by the brand.

Rooftop Tent

For all you happy campers, a rooftop camping tent should be on your list of must-have car accessories. These tents can sleep three adults or two adults and two children comfortably. The tent floor holds a king-size mattress foam with memory foam thickness.

These tents have three windows. Inner windows are made of vinyl and outer windows are made of polyester. The outer window can either turn into a canopy or roll up so you can watch the stars while you fall asleep.

LED Lightbars

LED is short for light emitting diodes. These bulbs are far more damage resistant than traditional glass bulbs. LED light bars can be mounted on the roof and bumpers of most vehicles as well as on truck racks.

LED light bars give you an improved range of light beside your factory-installed lights. These lights are one of the best car accessories there are for truck. You can read more here on the different models available that make off-roading or hauling safer and easier.

Road Shower

Whether you’re cooling down after an exhausting hike or rinsing off your gear, Road Showers are also cool car accessories you won’t want to miss. The Road Shower can give you easy instant access to pressurized water wherever you go.

These solar heated car gadgets mount to the roof rack of your vehicle. They can hold up to 5 gallons of water. Use an air compressor or hand pump to pressurize a Road Shower for tasks beyond bathing like rinsing dishes or washing off dirty gear.

Next Steps

Ready to run out and make one (or all) of these cool car accessories one of your own? Tell us what cool car gadgets you use to trick out your ride. Don’t forget to check out our website for more car and truck accessory advice that can surely make you the “king of the road.”