Do you have the best broadband connection?


You can have the most perfect broadband connection for your home with the right broadband plan and a reputed provider. We list the steps involved in making your selection. 

In an increasingly digitised world, you are expected to keep up with modern technological trends and gadgets. The Internet runs most processes in today’s world, both personal and professional. At home, too, you require the Internet for a variety of things – shopping, ordering groceries, booking tickets, watching movies on your Smart TV, or even paying your bills.

For all this, you need a good broadband plan that keeps you and all your different devices connected all the time. Do look for the following factors when choosing a broadband connection:

* Do your research about existing plans.Most mobile operators and cable TV operators provide broadband plans, but a little close study will tell you that most of them are not worth the money you will eventually pay for them. While they promise unlimited Internet and superfast speeds, only a few leading providers like Airtel are actually able to come good on their promises. Before you shortlist any plan, compare the plan offerings and speeds. If possible, go with a provider like Airtel that has several kinds of broadband plans to suit a variety of needs.

* Study price points.After you study the plan features and benefits, it is time to compare prices across the best broadband plans in the market. If some plans are priced lower or higher than others, find out why. The pricing is dependent on many factors, like monthly data, uptime, data transmission speeds, validity (monthly, six monthly or annual package), etc. The pricing for broadband Internet is done on a pack validity basis and not monthly consumption. Leading providers like Airtel offer unlimited broadband and you also get 20% discount on the plan price if you opt for an annual package upfront.

* Study the speeds – is the connection really fast? Every broadband provider in the country promises extra fast speeds, but only a few like Airtel have the speeds to match their claims. The broadband plan you pick must be fast enough to offer continuous coverage without outages and downtime for even a few minutes. This requires a wide network of mobile towers, which Airtel has. More to the point, Airtel’s broadband Internet speeds have won awards from the respected Ookla speed test meter in recent years. With V-fibernet broadband from Airtel, you can get humongous speeds up to 300 Mbps!

* Does the plan allow for an upgrade? You may not be a new broadband customer, and may already have a broadband connection at home. For any number of reasons, you may wish to change your existing broadband plan or provider. So when you scout for a new plan, find out if it is possible to upgrade to the new provider (Airtel offers an upgrade to V-fibernet broadband). We recommend upgrading to Airtel V-fiber broadband so that you can avail of 99% uptime and 300 Mbps speeds, apart from access to four superb plans that offer data from 150 GB to 1200 GB.

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